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  1. LogR on Track

    Link for the tool is here, @Gansan: https://www.civicx.com/forum/threads/logr-data-log-viewer.58765/post-1221119 I don't know if it was ever tested with an exported database from a FL5 LogR.
  2. LogR on Track

    The FK8 version runs on your phone. You can then go to settings, Log management, log export. It saves a .hondalogr file to your device memory. Can you do something like this on the FL5 version of the app? Copy this file to a pc and use a tool to convert it to csv. I can get you a link for the...
  3. LogR on Track

    The facelift FK8 has it. Some people managed to install that on pre-facelift FK8s and get it to a semi working state. It's nice at first, but then you see it's not that useful. People inevitably go back to garmin catalysts or aim solos. I like my LogR because I use it to add data overlays on...
  4. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    My experience with LogR is a deviation of ~0.1s compared to the transponder or AIM SOLO 2. I can decode LogR data and I use them to add data overlays on racerender videos. Someday I hope to get my AIM SOLO 2 DL to work with this car...
  5. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    This is exactly my experience with the FK8 calculated oil temps: Now this is a surprise. No overheating at all?
  6. Wagner Intercooler

    They have a crash bar. It's just different - and made of steel.
  7. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    Very well written. I have recently seen a number of Rs - fast Rs - being totalled. But this is a strange sport - it's really risky if you're pushing to the last second. I own and race a race car. Not even in a qualifying session I push the car 100%. A lot less during the race itself. No other...
  8. FL5 Overheated on Track

    Where did you install the sender? Honda's model estimates oil temp at the sump. A few people did this comparison for the fk8, me included. I have a p3 gauge and an aem sender at the drain bolt. I had to linearize the calibration curve, but it's supposed to be pretty accurate for the range...
  9. FL5 Overheated on Track

    Yes. That's why people connect their secondary radiators in series with that branch. Even that mishimoto one taps in that path. Tube diameters are a good indicator of expected flow rate for each branch. But tubes themselves aren't really a restriction compared to the heat exchanges on the same...
  10. FL5 Overheated on Track

    There's another branch that goes to the expansion tank before returning to the engine. In the FL5, this branch leaves from the radiator hot side endtank. It's another path that bypasses the cooling circuit. For more info...
  11. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    Well unfortunately the PN for the warning triangle is missing in Honda's system. It's the only item back there not listed anywhere.
  12. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    Yeah. I'll need to ask the Honda parts guy for that info.
  13. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    On the same topic, just the other day I received a picture of a GRC in a dealership. Toyota really wasn't prepared for our regulations hahaha:
  14. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    You can find them here: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/fl5-spare-tire.51603/post-880840 They are quite expensive, though.
  15. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    That sounds scary. That helplessness feeling is just too awful. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery. If you want to take a deeper look at it someday, I can help you decode the LogR logs of that session. But for now, just focus on your physical and mental health.
  16. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    That was hard to watch. I'm glad you are ok, Ben. You know I have been following your journey since the FK8 days. You are not the first and won't be the last to crash a car on a track. I've been there. Please go check yourself with a doctor. Not just once, but after a week or two again. I hope...
  17. Four point schroth quick fit harness experience

    I have an FK8 and I also looked for a 4 point harness to help secure me in place on track. So I purchased a Schroth profi II ASM 4 point harness and a harness bar for my car. I also own (and race) a race car so I do know how it feels to be securely strapped to a racing bucket seat with a 6 point...
  18. Limp Mode on first track day

    This warning uses a calculated brake temp. It's certainly wrong once you change pads and/or fluid. Not really. There is a fuel level meter inside the tank. Since it's too sensitive to lateral acceleration, it's heavily filtered out while cornering. Once you stop and give it a minute or two...
  19. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Congrats!!! Hey I'd love to read your observations of the car once you have more seat time.
  20. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    Sorry, I saw this message just this Friday. I wasn't checking on this thread. So I asked the local parts guy and he said there was not a kit. Since all parts come with the car, you can only purchase a replacement for each of them individually. It's crazy expensive, unfortunately. 5 -...