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  1. High Positive STFT spikes on throttle lift-off

    This is standard behavior and there is nothing changed in the tune that would impact fuel trims. :thumbsup:
  2. New Car Fl5 Type R bumper Gap

    Sadly our supplier does not offer SGP. :( We have asked them many times, maybe one day! *fingers crossed*
  3. New Car Fl5 Type R bumper Gap

    We are waiting on our next delivery of Boost Blue and Rallye Red to be able to fill any existing orders for those two. Sorry for the wait!
  4. MBRP Exhaust Burbles

    I believe the resonator is probably what you need in this case to reduce the more extreme pops/burbles. The resonator will clean up the sound more than reducing the volume.
  5. Autocannon

    Our shipment arrived yesterday. We had a skateboard deck in the order, that seems to be on the main items that caused delays.
  6. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! HEL Performance USA FL5 Oil Cooler Kit at Unity Performance!

    No concern there. From what I recall the plastic spacers are not used in the USDM install and the sensor ports are only used if you have a sensor to install into the sandwich plate.
  7. Check Engine light

    A flashing check engine light indicates a misfire. If it was a one off thing that has not returned, perhaps you had some bad fuel in the car at the time. Assuming you had 91 octane to begin with, there was less margin of error compared to most that are able to use 93.
  8. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the FL5?

    So many options! Milltek Is our favorite for the following reasons: Ability to maintain the electronic valve Ability to choose the number of resonators desired Ability to choose tip style and finish No drone Milltek offers an option that suits every build, from the most simple exhaust that...
  9. Thoughts on the carbon fibre wing?

    I asked about that as well. They told me they felt a need to logo theirs because the quality was so much higher than the generic carbon fiber wings on eBay/etc. The logo is nicely done and most will never notice it but one could argue that they could have made it more discreet.
  10. Thoughts on the carbon fibre wing?

    Have you guys seen this one yet? OLM is PRL's sister company. They claim that the carbon and finishing they used is a step above the cheap replicas you find elsewhere. We cannot yet independently confirm that yet, but the price is nice! We have these in stock...
  11. Reducing Under Hood and Intake Temperatures

    For what it is worth, I have heard their intake is a race focused solution that requires deleting the AC. I cannot confirm that of course. The design is very intriguing!
  12. Catted downpipe

    The software code disable will show up in this case and could lead to a failure depending on how strict they are.
  13. Wagner Intercooler

    Those interested in a quality and cost effective tube and fin design should keep an eye out for a new release from PWR. I'm sure it will be more than $890 but less than the JDM options out there.
  14. Pinch Weld Paint

    I'd say this is to be expected here, I've always considered it to be a normal and acceptable wear point since it is by design a tool contact point.
  15. Wagner Intercooler

    I'll admit, I did the same thing the first time. It is so outrageous that it plays tricks on your brain.
  16. Wagner Intercooler

    Radiator Air Flow has left the chat. :wave:
  17. ECU Cloning

    Innovative is no longer on vacation. We offer their service here - https://www.twostepperformance.com/products/bosch-ecu-unlocking-service-for-honda-civic-type-r-fk8-fl5-integra-type-s-de5
  18. Finally pulled the trigger

    Congrats on the new ride!