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  1. Squeaky Noise When Driving…HELP

    Sounds like a rock (more like a tiny pebble) or something stuck in your brakes. It happens. Drive in reverse for a bit and see if it’ll come out. Another thing to try is wiggling the brake shields and see if the pebble falls out. You can also take it to the car wash and try to spray it out of there.
  2. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Glad you figured it out and it was simple. At one point I removed the interior trim to the hatch to see if there was something loose in there like a wire harness clip or something. There wasn’t.
  3. Dealership offered under $$

    I was merely making a general statement on top of another poster’s general statement about how dealerships (businesses in general) operate. If they feel they can make more money on a specialized vehicle that they will get very few of…well, honestly it’s a smart thing to try, from a pure...
  4. Dealership offered under $$

    Yep. It’s called “overhead.” Some people are completely clueless how businesses work. Sure, sometimes they get greedy. Other times they sell things very low, perhaps even for a small loss or break even simply because they just need to get rid of inventory that has been sitting. Either way...
  5. Chilly's 2023 Civic FL1 Sport Touring 6MT | Aspiring Build

    Looking good, dude. All your mods are tasteful and clean. Hope it all comes together exactly the way you want it to.
  6. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Right? I try to keep in mind it’s (just) a car. Virtually all things are fixable until they’re not. Before the accident, I had all but narrowed the search down to a loose heat shield. It was almost definitely a metal on metal tapping sound, but I couldn’t investigate because I didn’t have a...
  7. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Funny, but not funny thing : Last fall when I took my car in for the last CEL (which ended up being that my valves were slightly too tight from the factory) they held my car over the weekend. I was concerned about them holding it, but whatever. Well…my concerns were validated. They had my car...
  8. MY 2025 - Facelift?

    Correct. There are always the base parts that are shared across all trim levels including lights and things of that nature.
  9. Reverse issues?

    As has been said, just make sure you have fully engaged the gear. When it doesn’t want to pop into gear, some refer to this as “lock-out” but that’s not actually what’s happening (not in cases like yours anyway). If it is not fully engaged, row the shifter up to another gear then back into...
  10. New Car Fl5 Type R bumper Gap

    The master Civic craftsman who hand-built yours must’ve been slacking. That gap is clearly 0.2 mm out of spec. I’m sure there will be a TSB for it and his family dishonored. </s> 🤪
  11. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Trust me. I understand the reluctance to let anyone touch your new baby. But, you have to do it unless you know how to fix it yourself. It is truly that simple and logical despite the emotional struggle. Hope you get it fixed.
  12. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Cool. I’m just saying it’s hard to gauge you and your situation based on the info provided. You’re talking doom and gloom before even taking logical steps to help yourself. Do you understand my perspective, now? That’s all I’m sayin. Doesn’t mean that my perspective is correct, but it’s the kind...
  13. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Not sure where you’re located, but your dealership’s service department must be horrendous for you to have such a pessimistic view and already thinking about legal action. I’m trying not to think you’re just a negative person who can’t be satisfied, honestly. It’s hard to gauge where you’re...
  14. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Well, their personal experience is incontrovertible, but it simply doesn’t apply to others…even if they think it should.😂
  15. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    💯 My FL5 has had a small number of minor issues from the factory. The worst problem was slightly out of spec valves. Yep…out of spec valves on a Honda performance vehicle from the factory. Great. It threw a couple of random CELs within the first 3k miles. Meanwhile, no other Hondas nor Acuras...
  16. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Blanket opinions are rarely accurate beyond the individual stating them. It’s fine. Anecdotal info is still good info.
  17. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I ran Amsoil in my Si and found that it was better than OEM in all possible ways and situations, including extreme cold weather (-20’s and -30’s). I had been running Honda MTF for 3-4 years before I discovered Amsoil. The effect is definitely not imagined nor a placebo. The stuff WORKS.
  18. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Uh…No. The guy on Reddit who bought the Camry after buying an FL5 simply said the Camry is a better car. Define “better” and it’s basically the exact same argument you have for your CR-V. The problem with that Reddit thread is that I don’t think English was OP’s first language, so he didn’t do a...
  19. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery

    @crepr12 I’d like to see more pics please! Those wheels look great.