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Search results

  1. FL5 - Flushed out the factory brake fluid

    Replaced the factory brake fluid this week. Bled per the FK8 manual; Drivers Front outside bleeder Drivers Front inside bleeder Pass Front Outside bleeder Pass Front Inside bleeder Pass Rear Driver Rear Cycled the parking brake 5 times then re-bled both rears. Need 11mm wrench for front...
  2. Front wiper ‘park’ position to change blades or clear ice this winter

    Found this nice short video about how to ‘park‘ the wipers in the up position. Figured it’ll be helpful especially with this major winter blast in the northeast.
  3. Front Plate Mount Options - FL5 Type R

    Anyone know if there are any front license plate mount options that don’t require drilling through the front bumper? I haven’t seen any photos of a U.S. spec FL5 Type R with a front plate.
  4. Speed in gear at redline

    Was bored so did some quick calculations of max speed in each gear for the Type R Civic 2023 on factory tires and not accounting for tire diameter growth at speed due to centrifugal force. Should be correct and I show the factors I used so anyone can double check me. MPH = 1056 in/min Wheel...