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Search results

  1. Honest review of Palindrome Lab FL5 upgrade kit

    I still can't believe they charge $400 for spacers and a grill cover. I would love to upgrade my sub and use the stock location. Are you planning on putting the amp in the spare tire area? Can you use the existing sub connections to feed the amp as audio in?
  2. Hondata 93 + MRT Resonator Delete + DE5 Factory Burbles = Win

    Yeah with the integrated exhaust manifold in the head the sound is different.
  3. Rear Hatch Opening Height Adjustment?

    You could always get a powered tailgate kit. Supposedly the opening height is programmable. https://mikstoreph.com/products/honda-power-tailgate-kit
  4. Trusted Dealers for car maintainance

    I second the Acura dealership amazing service. Each time I have gone with my ITS they even ask about having it washed which I decline and they put a no wash tag in it.
  5. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    My pops and bangs at times sound like gun shots with the rv6 dp. It's even better in a parking garage 🤣
  6. Jester’s Hondata thread

    @Jester04 Yep. Got a code but @Jester04 took care of it.
  7. Reducing Under Hood and Intake Temperatures

    Loved these. Guy down the street had two back in the day.
  8. I’ll just park next to you thank you

    That's horrible. I park the same way as you with favoring a curb if there isn't an alternative. I have had enough scratches and dings on vehicles to know that people just don't care.
  9. Autocannon

    I was able to cancel via email or was it through PayPal.. can't remember
  10. Swift vs Eibach Pro-Kit

    Prokit with Bonos spacers 15/20mm 275/30/19 tires
  11. Jester’s Hondata thread

    You could be right. I remember something similar. Maybe @Jester04 can see if anything in the logs look different.
  12. Jester’s Hondata thread

    Interesting. I'm running. MHI Stage 2, RV6 BPV, PRL Intercooler, RV6 DP, PRL FP, PRL TI intake pipe, sprint filter
  13. Jester’s Hondata thread

    @Jester04 taking care of business. I installed the MHI stage 2 last weekend and Jester hooked me up with a base tune. Sent some log data and he revised the tune with more boost baby.
  14. I’ll just park next to you thank you

    It only takes one careless adult or a kid swinging a door open.
  15. Hit and Run

    Behind door panel there's a connector. I have a complete set of mirrors with turn signals, BSI, and heated. If your interested. I upgraded and bout a set from the Mikestore with power folding.
  16. Swift vs Eibach Pro-Kit

    Love my prokit
  17. I’ll just park next to you thank you

    Well... I have the Type R ADS module. So my testosterone is raging... What's your wife/ girlfriend doing to tonight?
  18. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Guess what's on the other list?