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Search results

  1. New York (SOLD) 2023 FL5 OEM wheels & tires (~400 miles)

    And since someone just asked... All six items* can fit into the back of the FL5. * - Bimmerworld tire carriers are *not* included.
  2. New York (SOLD) 2023 FL5 OEM wheels & tires (~400 miles)

    **SOLD ** For sale: $1300: my '23 FL5 OEM factory non-forged wheels & tires. Tire date stamp is 43rd week of 2022. Stock lug nuts are included. Took them off my '23 FL5 around the 400 mile mark as I'm switching to 18"s for the track/autocross, so the tires pretty much were babied due to...
  3. Remark SS vs. Ti

    When I was shopping for a Remark system this winter, I was having trouble tracking down the Ti exhaust kit. What I finally figured out was that Remark was in the process of changing their Ti kit, substituting their SS (SUS 304) front pipe on Ti kits due to cracking issues with the Ti front...
  4. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery

    Love my VS-5RSs for my track set up... Apex VS-5RS 18x10.5" ET47 Wheels - 5x120mm / 64.1mm - Anthracite (ApexWheels.com) Nitto NT01 275/35R18 tires (DiscountTireDirect.com) Superspeed Cold Forged Tuner Lug Nuts | 16 - 22+ Civic, 23+ Integra × 1 (UnityPerformance.com) Stock suspension, no spacers
  5. Virginia SOLD: Enkei Triumph 18x9.5 w/ RE71RS tires and Superspeed RF06RR 18x9.5 with BFG Comp A/S tires

    That might be the first FL5 I've seen with white wheels that I think looks great. GLWS
  6. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Thanks. I found it eventually in the owners manual: "During the first 600 miles (1,000 km) of operation, avoid sudden acceleration or full throttle operation so as not to damage the engine or powertrain." My sales guy was telling me "Full send right out the door - that's no problem on these...
  7. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Interesting as my dealer (Keeler Honda, Latham NY) told me when I asked that Honda specifies no break-in routine for this car.
  8. FL5 owner's poll

    So I voted 'it's fine' (bought my FL5 as a track toy), but in my head rings the words of Car & Driver, who said they got their FL5's best lap time at VIR when they put the suspension at its softest setting due to wheel skip. Stiff is fine in certain performance driving situations, but you need...
  9. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Looked at my FL5 today sitting under a cover and wondered when the road salt will finally be done in upstate NY. After a threat of snow this week, next week looks like it may serve up hope.
  10. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! HEL Performance USA FL5 Oil Cooler Kit at Unity Performance!

    So... It sounds like all of us are missing some component(s) of the kit?
  11. FL5 Best Hidden Mod

    HKS literally claimed that the system smoothed rough idle, and I was desperate for a solution.
  12. FL5 Best Hidden Mod

    I fell for the Hyper Earth claim on my Evo 8 when I was having some rough idle issues when warmed up. It did squat from a perceptible perspective - no difference. I still have most of it in my basement if anyone needs it.
  13. New York SOLD: New-in-box PRL FL5 Charge Pipe Kit - $280 shipped

    Thanks for the feedback - I will address when I get back and can ship out when someone wants it.
  14. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! HEL Performance USA FL5 Oil Cooler Kit at Unity Performance!

    Mine showed up in relatively good condition. Haven't had a chance to open it as I'm on the road and my house sitter sent me the pic.
  15. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! HEL Performance USA FL5 Oil Cooler Kit at Unity Performance!

    The flaw I see is shipping in the retail box that doesn't appear to be up to the rigors of transit. Should probably be inside another box to stand a chance.