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Search results

  1. Are my front wipers normal?

    Specifically, when I pull for windshield wiper fluid, it seems like I have to hold it down for a while and then I end up with a flood of water on my windshield. It’s also super weird that it sprays water onto the blade instead of the windshield! Is my car normal? If it is, anyone else...
  2. Anyone running an MXP Exhaust?

    Seems to be priced well. Curious if anyone has run it and if they can take some videos. Here’s a link for anyone unfamiliar...
  3. Cobb Tuning getting in the Type R Game

    I loved using Cobb for my WRX and STi. They have the Cobb tuner out now for the FK8 and they definitely teased the FL5 at the end of this video. They show that you can jail brake the FK8 yourself which would be a huge selling point for us on the FL5.
  4. Driver side rattle/buzz around 4k RPM?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out a vibration/rattle. Comes on around 4k rpm for around 500 rpm or so. It seems to be on the driver side. I can’t seem to locate it. Anyone else have a similar issue?
  5. Best combined track and street pad?

    So I’m planning to do a few track days a year and I’d like to drive my car to the track. What kind of brake pads are recommended that are decent for both street and track driving. I don’t care if they make a lot of dust and as long as they aren’t super loud I’ll be okay.
  6. Tennessee Sold: FL5 Type R Red OEM floor mats. Used < 500 mi

    Selling my stock red floor mats. Used for less than 500 miles. No stains. $200 OBO. Prefer pickup in Memphis, TN.
  7. Thoughts on adj. rear sway bars?

    I’m coming from WRX and STi that really benefitted from stiffer rear sway bars to help with off throttle rotation. I’m curious to hear if anyone has feedback regarding adjustable rear sway bars and how they affect the driving dynamics of the car.
  8. Mechanic Newbie: What do I need to get started?

    Hey guys. I’m planning to track my car. I’m guessing it’ll be important to be able to rotate tires, change brake fluid, and change pads myself. I literally don’t have anything at this point to do that. Looking for recommendations on tools, and how to’s, to include how to even jack up the...
  9. Favorite Alcantara Shift Knob?

    Lining up mods for my future CTR purchase. I plan to get the Alcantara steering wheel and I think it would awesome to have a matching Alcantara shift knob. Something similar to a style Porsche knob would be sweet! Any recommendations? Preferably from people that have actual experience with em.
  10. Honda CF Wing specs?

    Does anyone have the specs, like how much extra downforce, effect of the vortex generators on the bottom of the wing, etc? I was hoping there would be a PowerPoint somewhere that discussed it. Granted, I think it looks cool and will probably buy it regardless…
  11. Harness plans?

    I’ll be interested in track days and auto x in the FL5. What are your plans for using a harness? I remember using a CG Lock back in the day in my WRX, but looks like they have gone out of business. Is there anything else like it, or is there anyway to run a harness without much modification...
  12. What happens if you total an FL5?

    Serious question as I am in the hunt to purchase one soon: What happens if you total your FL5 that you paid a 10k ADM for? How is insurance going to value the car? How’s it work replacing such a rare, in demand vehicle? I’ve heard of gap insurance, but don’t know all the specifics of how it...