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  1. Considering these Forged type r wheels for my car

    They look great on the DE5 too
  2. How Much Track Experience Do You Have?

    Do you have a truck/suv that could tow? I’ve used the uhaul car trailer to tow the DE5 a couple times, works well and not too expensive
  3. The Best CTR FL5s at SEMA 2023

    Spoon’s FL5 had a sequential gearbox, but before qualifying a malfunction happened and it needed to be replaced; American Honda had a prototype direct replacement at their HQ (8 hours away from the track!) and agreed to loan it to Spoon. Spoon sent someone to go pick it up, but this whole...
  4. The Best CTR FL5s at SEMA 2023

    I was there cheering them on while helping out Team Honda! Spoon persisted to the end despite some major hurdles!
  5. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    DE5 owner here, will definitely be checking this thread out
  6. 2023 Honda Civic Type R (Championship White) #14886

    Me, ITS owner with FL5 forged accessory wheels but not crazy about the laser-etched 'Type R' looking great, by the way, digging the set up
  7. Championship White FL5 Civic Type R + 18x9.5 TE37's + 285's!

    Me perfectly content with stock +60 offset
  8. WTB FL5 Forged 19" wheels

    These are the accessory wheels; they are forged and the same dimensions as the stock wheels:
  9. Radium Engineering Coolant Tank Install

    @PointByPatrol thanks for all your videos and testing for this platform. Any reason why you decided to go with radium as opposed to mishimoto? I lean more toward the mishimoto because of the one-piece design, but perhaps there’s a benefit to radium’s design?
  10. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    If CEL persists, take to dealer to clear them. Push back if they say you have to pay, it should be covered under warranty to clear the CEL (maybe leave out track use 😅). Car might seem to drive normally but I don’t think it’s at 100% until dealer clears CEL. Or at least whatever OBDII scanner...
  11. Michelin Sport Cup 2 Tires

    👍 yep, bought these same tires online from tire rack for the DE5 last month for track duty, shipped fast and excellent performance, much more than my current skill and comfort level can handle
  12. Air Dam Removal

    Like $40 is how much it is
  13. Instrument Cluster Lens Replacement

    I used compressed air from a can to get dust off. Worked pretty well, but I see some very minor haze or whatever when a light source shines directly on it that makes me REALLY want to wipe but I know better. I also ordered the protector but haven’t installed because it does seem like a PIA. I’ll...
  14. Fraternal Twins Comparison: 2024 Integra Type S vs. 2023 Civic Type R -- Performance Tested

    Thanks! Was the night before maiden track day, hence FL5 forged wheels for track duty
  15. Fraternal Twins Comparison: 2024 Integra Type S vs. 2023 Civic Type R -- Performance Tested

    at certain “unflattering” angles of the DE5, I’m slightly reminded of this bad boy right here. Saw one on the road today to work too
  16. Front air dam ground clearance

    Would you happen to have any links/sources on how to replace that plastic piece? DE5 owner here, I scraped that piece and immediately bought a replacement, trying to find a how-to for install
  17. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    What actually ended up happening was that even though I thought I cleared the code with my own OBDII Bluetooth dongle, the car was a little off (pops and bangs weren’t present in sport +). I brought it to the dealer, they confirmed that previous code, and with their device did a full clear (at...
  18. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    Can confirm that for DE5, engine fuel cutoff will happen at low fuel levels at or below 1/4 tank when on track. If you’re lucky you might even throw a CEL! 🫠 Took my DE5 to Big Willow at Willow Springs in SoCal this past Sunday (10/1). First time tracking ITS, first time at that track. low fuel...
  19. Used Spoon Sports Progressive Springs for FL5

    Can I ask the reason you’re selling?