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Search results

  1. What goes down, must come up, right?

    So I discovered how to use the remote key fob to bring the windows down and open the moonroof. This is an excellent feature for airing out the car on hot days. Question: is there a way to reverse the procedure? This would be just as valuable a feature, particularly when it starts raining and one...
  2. Bluetooth 5.x TPMS external valve sensors for iPhone

    Hello: I’m looking for a top rated, not too expensive Bluetooth 5.x TPMS external valve sensor kit for iPhone. I’ve seen several on Amazon but most come with a screen display monitor. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  3. Grinding/notchy feeling in my Sport Touring 6MT

    Hey there... There is a grinding feeling/noise in my 2023 Sport Touring Hatchback 6MT when shifting gears. It seems as if the gears are not meshing/syncing properly. Honda Service Tech said he didn't find anything wrong (of course). This also occurs when I'm just sitting in my car with the...
  4. What’s the (alert) buzz?

    When I go more than 45 mph with the cruise control engaged, I’ve noticed that once I depress the clutch in order to coast to a stoplight/stop sign (NOT necessarily shifting gears), the engine rpm’s increase quite a bit, and an alert buzzer goes off. (What’s this for?) It gets rather annoying...
  5. Recommendations for Screen Protectors on Infotainment System / Head Unit

    Hello: I'm looking for recommendations for a high quality screen protector for my Infotainment System / Head Unit in my 2023 Sport Touring Hatchback. I see many of them on Amazon; maybe too many. It gives me a headache with so many choices, most of which will probably be ok. However, I'd rather...