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  1. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    This analysis seemed to miss that the type R is a Hot Hatch -- not targeted to a family car, The bonus is that it CAN be used as a family car/daily driver -- which is why i love it! But, that means the focus has to be on the design and the target audience of people who want to own and drive a...
  2. Illinois SOLD

    I HAVE to get these out of dealer storage. If you are anywhere near the Chicago area, make offer.
  3. Illinois SOLD

    Thanks! Hope someone needs them... will make a good deal since I am having to PAY to store them.
  4. Oregon WTB Original FL5 red floor mats, used or new

    ouch! Mine were not even that bad,,, 500, and i expected to pay dealer premium.... but that makes me feel much better about what i paid. LOL If i had been willing to wait, there are a number of people who are not thrilled with being immersed in red and happy to sell their mats for a...
  5. Oregon WTB Original FL5 red floor mats, used or new

    I ordered an extra set from my dealer. If you want lower than dealer cost, then waiting is a possibility. I just wanted to ensure I had one stashed away ;)
  6. Poll: What color is your FL5 Type R Civic? ... let's see what colors are most popular.

    Well... since we hardly have any control over what color we get, the "most popular" colors are the colors we can get our hands on.... and the color of the cars we get our hands on are controlled by what colors Honda sends out to their dealers. The better question would be.... "Regardless of...
  7. Post your FL5 Civic Type R delivery pics! 🙌 📸

    LOL Remember...us humans wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for Adric. :bump:
  8. How many FL5 type R Civics does Honda plan on building ...

    Yah, that's not the build order, but it does indeed represent the number produced worldwide at the time of that plate. For instance, most of us had numbers in the 2-4000s at the beginning of last year, and no one is seeing anything that low this year. So, it does give us a feel for what their...
  9. Supercar designer Marcello Gandini

    Remembering Lamborghini designer ... https://www.aol.com/sports/remembering-marcello-gandini-designer-world-180029073.html
  10. The FL5 Dealer ADM Markup Thread

    Hey, can you adopt me? :wave:
  11. Winter Tire setup

    Not sure if anyone posted this previously... Tire Rack tested to see how different width tires tested on the rims. For anyone considering a different size tire/rim combo, this is excellent info... ------------------------------ TIRE RACK TESTS OF TIRE SIZES ------------------------------...
  12. Type R owner age?

    Please take into consideration that, based on what we have seen of the FK8s, everyone expects the FL5 to hold its value much better than most cars. And, since we are talking tens of thousands if you buy a new car, then buying one that will likely not depreciate anywhere near as badly is...
  13. 255 35 R19 Yokohama Advan A052 (3-seconds Faster!!)

    BTW - I have now tested with GPS and my Continental DWS 06 Plus 255/35/R19 are showing precise speeds up to 75mph. As i said, the dealer service dept said they would do the calibration... so they must have. I will ask next time to be sure.
  14. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Wow. Very interesting... and based on the info about the brake vectoring active system, it may make a difference when we change out wheels and tires. Not sure how they calibrate their system and what would or wouldn't impact performance. Hope those who make changes and track the car report on...
  15. Texas Spotted Thread

    We do in Illinois, but they tend to be loose about it. I didn't want to take any chances, tho, because if they do pull you over, some will look for other things if the aren't busy.
  16. Post your FL5 Civic Type R delivery pics! 🙌 📸

    Every time i see another photo of a CBP, i am even more convinced this is the most beautiful color for this car. Wish i had thought to take more pics when it was still inside the dealer show room. Lucky you!! Congrats :drive:
  17. Post your FL5 Civic Type R delivery pics! 🙌 📸

    I haven't been in a BMW in so many years, so i don't remember... but i know that soft feeling from Mercedes.
  18. Texas Spotted Thread

    You guys can spot mine at the local dollar store :stirthepot: