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Search results

  1. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 US Sales Figure = 3,345 Units

    I got a 2024 two weeks ago and my vin ends in 0261. Does that mean it’s a very early ‘24 model?
  2. 2025 Civic Refresh Announced. Hybrid Civic Sedan & Hatchback Will Launch

    Wonder if they’ll switch from USB-A to USB-C for the charging/data ports. Kinda bummed my 2024 doesn’t have USB-C. But if they release the option for 2025, I’m guessing I’ll be able to swap the part.
  3. Photos: Paint matched wing on FL5

    Looks pretty cool, definitely different. I, personally, like how the black offsets the rest of the body color. I'd probably go with the carbon fiber version.
  4. New Performance Grille for 10th Gen Civics

    Thanks, ordered yesterday! Found the H I needed as well.
  5. New Performance Grille for 10th Gen Civics

    Would love to order one of these to help with cooling. Can I get a promo code and the part number for the red H? Thanks!
  6. 11th Gen Civic XI Hatchback Production Moving to North America

    That's my direct line of thinking. The have the hatch at the top and low tiers while the Si makes up the middle. I would be in the same boat, get rid of my Sport and get the Si Hatch.
  7. 27WON RMM Product Launch

    Timelapse of the install I did last night. Pretty much spot on with my early review. Feels like I opened up all my pipes and I'm going to get an exhaust next week! Hard to tell what's causing more noise, the RMM or Front Pipe. Either way, I love the responsive feelings.. just hoping some of...
  8. 2016+ Civic 1.5T Air / Oil Separator Product Development and Pre-Order

    Definitely getting this when it's ready.
  9. MAPerformance Stage 1 Tune

    Thanks! If you need a test car.. :)
  10. MAPerformance Stage 1 Tune

    Nice. Anything in the works for the Sport?