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  1. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    Power cutoff is around 8B and 9. Fuel starvation kind of makes sense because that is prolonged lateral G on a sustained right hander. I'm pretty convinced about this theory. Next season I will go with Jerry can to make sure it's topped off. I never got the track data recording working. I added...
  2. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    I do like the shift light and beep, what I didn't expect is how little I can hear that beep with windows down and thick helmet. My eyes are way ahead on the road course so the lights aren't that obvious either. Would be awesome to have your pops and bangs, I'm definitely jealous. It'll make...
  3. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    For me I don't do anything to the car before tracking it. Same for my S2000 and 911. In stock form plenty fun can be had. The important thing is to just go out there! If it's your first time get an instructor (fastest mod). You probably won't know what YOU need/want to upgrade until you've gone...
  4. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    Thanks, that's good to know. Maybe that's the culprit! Combination of small fuel tank and super thirsty engine when pushed, a full tank lasts just over 2 track sessions. So in order to always maintain 1/2 tank it needs to be topped off every session. Not the end of the world but still annoying.
  5. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    Good to know. When they get worn out I'll probably get the Paragon rotor rings. I like the pads to bite a bit harder but even more important is the on road traits. I don't intend to sacrifice daily usability. Perhaps P2 is good for me too, how do you find the noise and dust?
  6. Stock FL5 Track Day Observations

    Took the FL5 to it's first track day to Ridge Motorsports Park. It's a nice track about 1.5hr from Seattle, great surface and fun elevation changes. It's been 7 years since my last track day (back then it was my S2000 AP2 and 991 C2S). Didn't take long for it to come back and had a great time...
  7. Waste Gate Rattle Noise

    Thanks for confirming this isn't unique to my car. I agree with @optronix, whether others experience this or not, it's certainly annoying in an otherwise great driving experience. I'm curious are there any FL5s that don't exhibit this noise with the windows down (wondering if this is 100% or 25%...
  8. Waste Gate Rattle Noise

    I'm observing the infamous waste gate actuator rattle noise. This noise was present on day one of owning the FL5. It sounds just like metal-on-metal scraping and I thought it was the front brakes at first but I'm near certain it's the turbo waste gate issue that FK8 owners have experienced. This...
  9. What did you pay for your FL5?

    I did open transport. Told the dealer don't touch the car except throw the accessories in the trunk. Figure the car just landed at the dealer on an open transport anyway so no reason it can't hop straight onto another one.
  10. What did you pay for your FL5?

    $6.5K ADM markup (included a few accessories). No trade-in. I'm located in Seattle and purchased from a Florida dealer so I also paid $1400 to transport it back. Arrived last week. Just a few weeks ago no dealer in PNW wanted to deal. After mine arrived, I had a Washington dealer reach out...