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Search results

  1. Georgia FS Milltek High Flow Catted Downpipe Brand New

    Brand new part # MT-SSXHO238 downpipe. I was going to install this on my ITS but one of the turbo studs was very reluctant to loosen so rather than endure drilling out a broken stud I said f**k it, it's not worth the hassle. This is the more emissions friendly version 200 cell cat. $900 shipped...
  2. California 2024 Championship White 172miles on ODO (SoCal)

    Unfortunately, it's a cash buyers market when it comes to selling cars like this so you'll end up taking a considerable loss. Most people either sell to an individual with cash at a loss or sell to a dealer for a big loss.
  3. Georgia Honda Alcantara Steering Wheel SOLD

    Sorry, I kept it and installed it on my Integra.
  4. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the FL5?

    I can't speak to that as I haven't bought one for the FL5. My past experience was with a Golf R. I know MRT offers a kit.
  5. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the FL5?

    As someone who went from a CTR to an ITS I can safely say the exhaust note of the ITS (resonator delete) is hard to beat. Especially for the money.
  6. FL5 Forged Wheel Center Cap Part Number / Diameter

    There's an Acura cap that is a perfect match too
  7. ECU Cloning

    Thanks for letting me know! Unfortunately I was just notified that the ECU is on a national backorder with no ETA
  8. ECU Cloning

    Anybody know if there's anyone besides Innovative that can do cloning? It appears that they're on vacation for a while.
  9. Georgia FL5 FlashPro W/ TSP Tune SOLD

    Unlocked and ready to rock. Also includes A TSP Stage 1 tune for this serial number.
  10. Georgia FS Eibach Pro Kit Springs FL5 Specific SOLD

    It's a white one. I still have the wheels. Was considering finding an Acura center cap to fit them. I'd still sell them but it's just a pain in butt to sell anything these days.
  11. Georgia FS Eibach Pro Kit Springs FL5 Specific SOLD

    I liked everything about the CTR but in the end I just couldn't live with the ridiculous seats. I prefer the looks of the Civic over the Integra but the driving experience of the Integra is substantially better. The car feels faster right off the bat. My one gripe and I hate when manufacturers...
  12. Georgia PRL Billet Intercooler SOLD

    Had this on my CTR for about 200 miles before removing it to trade in. I don't think I'm going to use it on my ITS so here ya go. Comes in the original box (not pictured) with O rings. $600 shipped plus PayPal fee
  13. Wanted Type R stock axle back Southeast

    Curious if anyone in the southeast area has a stock exhaust they want to part with. I'm interested in fitting the FL5 rear muffler section on an ITS because I prefer the tip arrangement.
  14. Best aftermarket exhaust system that can be easily converted back to stock.

    Have you tried removing the active exhaust fuse yet? Some find that to be enough
  15. Georgia FS Red Mirror Cover Set 08R06-T60-010 SOLD

    Thanks. I know there's a video of someone replacing caps but regardless, it's easy