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  1. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    UPDATE: Just install the Type S ADS, part number: 39381-31M-A03 Ads Unit ITS ADS is perfect imo, had it out on a VERY bumpy karting track last week and it was perfectly controlled in every suspension mode. My favorite thing about it is that it seems to be more of a passive damper setting...
  2. FL5 stock exhaust valve: Fuse pulled/always open - exterior sound clips

    I've been wanting to try this for a while and finally got around to it. UPDATE: Here's the easiest way to lock the exhaust valve in the open position: While the car is off the valve is closed. 1. Pull the Active Exhaust Valve fuse, then turn the ignition on, ignition off. 2. Replace the fuse...