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  1. Couple months in now with my FL5, with an ITS vs CTR ADS module comparison.

    Great review. I installed my ADS about a month ago and my impressions are pretty much the same as yours. It's more comfortable and has better performance in the real world. However, the car is less fun. Win win situation though, worse case I'll just swap the FL5 ADS back in.
  2. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    Haha, I did a rotation with her. 1 hour of talking with me (I had certain topics I wanted to touch - religion, politics, recognizing manipulative ppl,, personal safety, and life goals), half an hour of cellphone time, and a half an hour of reading.
  3. Delivery Drive—Paint Protection

    In the past, I've put 2 layers of painters tape down first, then Duct tape on top. The product Clark_Kent suggested looks very good as well.
  4. ITS ADS Module Availability

    I ordered my part about a week ago and I installed it yesterday. Tip: Go to your local Acura Store (most likely they wont have it in stock) and ask for a printout of all Acura Dealerships that have current stock. My printout showed about 8 dealerships with 1 ADS Module. Once you have called and...
  5. Road noise

    I always thought the road noise was high but acceptable, until I drove into Georgia. The material they use to pave the highways created so much road noise that I had to buy earplugs for me and my 10 year old daughter.
  6. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    That’s badass! Is he in the military?
  7. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    Hah! I just did another 1000 mile trip. At 18000 miles now even though I keep it off the road during the winter and only drive it during the weekends.
  8. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    I did the same! I sold it to a BMW dealership when used car prices were out of control. I basically drove the M3 for a year for free. I miss the heads up display, heated steering wheel, and power. But the Type R is more engaging, is more practical, and looks so much better;)
  9. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    If you do go out of state post some pics. I would put a layer of painters tape on any impact areas (front facia, front of the roof, A pillars, in front and behind the front and rear wheel wells. I would then take duct tape and cover the painters tape. Painter's tape for ease of removal, duct...
  10. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    Cali is a huge state, let’s say you decide to buy an FL5 4 hours from you. You may have to close up shop anyways due to commute, getting the trade in price, getting financing, and doing the paperwork. If you don't have a trade it'll speed up the process and you will have more transparency. I got...
  11. How is your CarPlay experience?

    To anyone having glitches when paired to your phones, check out this thread: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/pixelated-apple-carplay.52929/#post-879447 It fixed my glitches/pixelation.
  12. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    Hahaha, it's all about the Podcasts
  13. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    HOLY FUCK DUDE, glad you are ok!
  14. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    Some random pics
  15. 3000 Miles in 4 days

    My wife and son went to Asia for 11 days so I decided to pack up my 10 year old daughter for a little road trip. Drove from Connecticut to Disney World, Disney World to Ft. Moore - formally Ft. Benning - to visit my son who is in Tank School (which is about 1.5 hours south of Atlanta), Ft. Moore...
  16. 30 MPG

    What’s the break down in terms of percentage of highway and city? 14 does seem low. Tire pressures? Keep in mind that winter gas blends typically net lower MPG’s as well. I recommend resetting the computer and taking a long drive. Do you idle the car often?
  17. Trade-in my almost new 2018 Si for 2024 Type-R

    I think 6K + 2k of add-ons is too much. I paid 4K over and even at that price point, I'm barely able to justify the purchase to myself. Get a rough trade in estimate online using KBB, Carmax, Carvana, and Truecar. If the price is within an acceptable range for you, you can bring the car back to...
  18. Pixelated apple CarPlay

    Thank you for this! I haven't had any pixelation for the past week (used to get it daily).