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Search results

  1. 2025 Civic Refresh Announced. Hybrid Civic Sedan & Hatchback Will Launch

    I'm confused about the "Sport Touring" name on the sedan. That was only for the hatch. Will they call the hatch the "Sport Touring Hybrid Hatchback"? Sounds like a mouthful.
  2. Rhode Island Center Console Tray

    Good info. Thanks!
  3. Rhode Island Center Console Tray

    Does anyone have a part number for the removable tray in center console? ‘23 Sport Touring CVT Or does anyone want to sell theirs? Thanks!
  4. Hatch Lighting

    Any recommendations for replacing the hatch interior bulb with an LED? Thanks.
  5. Tire Dressing -- recommendations for more matte than gloss finish?

    Any suggestions on tire shine/dressing. Looking for more matt and less gloss. Thanks.

    Sport Touring Civics are hard to come by at MSRP.
  7. 2023 Civic Price Increase

    Price just went up another $500. That’s $1000 in MSRP since the 23’s came out in November.
  8. 2023 Civic Price Increase

    I’m considering the Integra. The Civic has a few more features than the A spec and is 7 inches shorter. I would prefer a smaller car. Also, I don’t like the high lift over for the rear hatch in the Teg.
  9. 2023 Civic Price Increase

    Plus destination and most of the colors are an additional $400 for the paint. The price was $31,600 when the ‘23’s came out last month.
  10. 2023 Civic Price Increase

    I must have missed it, but did Civic prices just go up another $400? 32k MSRP (plus mark-up) for a Sport Touring is making me reconsider my options. Does anyone think prices will become more reasonable in 2023?
  11. Installed Sunglass Holder in US 2022 Civic Si

    I use this for my '19 Civic Touring. Works great...
  12. 2023 Civic Hatchback goes live on ShopHonda.com

    $500 increase for a couple of free oil changes. Hopefully the madness ends with improved inventory. Dealer today quoted me 4K over MSRP for Sport Touring.
  13. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    Thanks for the information. Guess I’ll be keeping my ‘19 Touring until next year…..
  14. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    I’m still looking for a Sport Touring for MSRP. Last dealer I spoke with said Honda has stopped production of hatches. If true, does this mean all new production will be 2023’s? Can anyone confirm?
  15. Sport Touring questions from a potential buyer

    Same boat. I've been looking for a ST for a few months. I refuse to pay over MSRP. That, and supply, are forcing me to be patient. Hoping for changes in the Fall.
  16. Rant - Wipers!

    I cant believe in the six years since the 10th gen has been out, that Honda has not fixed this. The automatic setting on both of my Tourings is useless. So frustrating that I had the dealer disconnect the sensor and turn my wipers into normal intermittent. Great cars otherwise.