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  1. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Added a larger FMIC and our new prototype Ti lugs.
  2. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Yes they are.
  3. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Added a Garage Unique Carbon Fiber rear wing to my FL5. Going to make some wing stands next. https://www.hybrid-racing.com/products/garageunique-rearwing-fl5-civic-type-r?_pos=2&_psq=gar&_ss=e&_v=1.0
  4. Hybrid Racing short shifter

    Make sure you have connected the remote key sensor. It's inside the console near the right side of the shifter. That might be your issue. Step 8 - https://guides.hybrid-racing.com/Guide/How+to+install+HR+Short+Shifter+22++Civic/396?lang=en
  5. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Total clearance in what way? The lip is about 2 inches from the ground.
  6. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Eh, the springs make the car ride pretty rough. They're FK8 springs so I'm not surprised. I'm installing coilovers next week anyway. The GU lip is a tank. I've done probably 3-4k miles with it on and considering how much stuff I've scraped it on, it's still on there. If the car wasn't so low...
  7. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Ohhhh, ok, so it's just a feeling through your gear shifter? Is it a crunch feeling when you change gears?
  8. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I would keep talking to Honda. I don't think the gearbox is trash, I think you are having an issue... that might be more extreme than others. My car has 8000 miles on it, with the factory fluid and it has never made any noises or anything since day one. I have even tracked the car and never...
  9. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    My point was that unless you are rapidly moving the pedal, that valve isn't doing anything. You will feel the pedal normally until you start pushing it faster than the flow which is what slows everything down. I think we are saying the same thing haha.
  10. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Can you describe what horrible feels like? Have you changed the fluid? Is there metal in the oil? Does it do it when its cold? Hot? Have you driven another FL5 to compare? To be honest, I have an FK8 and a 23 Civic Si and all cars feel pretty similar. I say the 11th Gen Civic (Si and...
  11. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I doubt it. The clutch delay valve only works when the pedal is being smashed. It has no effect on a normal in/out engagement. If you were trying to clutch kick it, yea, its not going to like the shock, but for someone taking off from a stop sign.. no.. the CDV isn't doing anything.
  12. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    If you seriously can't stop griding 2/3/4 then take your car to the dealer and ask them to inspect it. I have never had any issues with a new Honda transmission. I see many people that come from other cars have trouble with them though. I also have a GR Corolla and both cars feel and shift MUCH...
  13. What color did you want vs what color you ended up with?

    My first choice was Red. I had a deal put together on a CW but they were scumbags and sold it to someone else, so I went to a competing dealer and they told me they had a red with no ETA. I put a deposit down and took delivery about a month later. It all worked out.
  14. How is your CarPlay experience?

    I never have issues with it, except for the few times the screen got all pixelated. Otherwise, it works great.
  15. Got my Type R posters framed!

    Nice, I've got them as well.
  16. What is a good first mod?

    Contact JDMYard in Australia, they're the best Honda shop in the country.
  17. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Might wash it again
  18. Where are you getting rock chips?

    I have a few on my front bumper but most of them are along the side skirts because of my tires.
  19. Show your % of tint on your FL5

    20% tint, nothing on the windshield.