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Search results

  1. TEIN USA looking for test vehicle

    If anyone is willing and in the Los Angeles area, TEIN is looking for a test vehicle for Si suspension parts. Contact them through the contact us link on the website which goes through Japan but gets sent to the US shop, or you could call them directly and ask...
  2. OEM parts diagrams

    Anyone else find it strange that we are 3 MY in on the 11th gen and you still don't see any parts diagrams on any site when you try to look for OEM parts? I can see everything for 10th gens but nothing besides accessories for 11th.
  3. Random Knock Control Spikes

    Been seeing this a lot lately, just spike to .7 earlier and the other night it jumped from .69 to mid .9's in a matter of seconds. I noticed before on my V2 that the knock count would flicker into the 1000s for just long enough to see it and go back to the single digit that it was at. Don't know...
  4. Vent fan issue

    Anyone else notice that the vent fan will cut by nearly half when you get above 65/70 mph and come back to full strength once you get below 60/55 mph? I hear several people who own Integra's are also having the same issue.
  5. Cluster swap

    Now who wants to be the guinea pig to swap either a Canadian Si cluster or the new Integra cluster into a US Civic to get the full readouts and full digital? Just looked at one of the new Integra clusters to see what the difference really is and look at this. I just wonder if it's a plug and...
  6. Saturday Nights at the Rock and Roll car show in Scottsdale, AZ

    Continuation from my thread over on CivicX
  7. Retro-styled Hyundai N Vision 74 concept

    Looks like they are going to produce that futuristic N after all. https://www.autoblog.com/2023/05/08/retro-styled-hyundai-n-vision-74-concept-reportedly-headed-to-production/
  8. Insurance Companies Are Refusing to Cover Hyundais and Kias As Thefts Continue

    https://jalopnik.com/insurance-companies-are-refusing-to-cover-hyundais-and-1850025480 Makes me glad I didn't choose Hyundai or Kia now.
  9. OEM footwell lighting option?

    I know we had the footwell lighting option on the 10th but does anyone know if it works on the 11th as well? I did like my red footwell lighting on my Sport hatches.
  10. OEM footwell lighting

    Anyone know if the 10th gen footwell lights work on the 11th? Can't find anything on the parts sites.