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  1. Recipes to make 400 hp

    bear with me here. do you need flex kit for this or I just buy/install this and get tune? ** Fueling upgrades would be required to use an E30 blend. It's a big step up in cost - https://www.twostepperformance.com/products/fuel-system-upgrade-for-2017-honda-civic-type-r-fk8 i have e85 across...
  2. Recipes to make 400 hp

    how much WHP can RV6 R660 get with tuned 91 octane?
  3. FL5 Overheated on Track

    can you share the link of where you got this? im going to get it as well. have you installed it yet to your car? looks like you can unscrew it for more air. great for track days!
  4. FL5 Overheated on Track

    it looks great. did it fit well? ill probably get it as soon as my car is lowered.
  5. FL5 Overheated on Track

    i feel the same way. i do know that those vents will help. i know there's a car at the track who has a 1 vent and it was overheating. he put 3 vents using this https://racelouvers.com/ and it lowered the temp significantly. it lowered the engine temp by 20F to 30F! although, installing these...
  6. FL5 Overheated on Track

    did you receive this hood? im thinking of getting it.
  7. KW suspension vs Ohlis vs Fortune Auto 510

    more on track. i was thinking of RSR but I dont know their reputation. what do you think?
  8. KW suspension vs Ohlis vs Fortune Auto 510

    I'm considering whether to purchase the KW COILOVER KIT V3, Ohlins, or the Fortune Auto 510. The Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers are priced at $2700, while the KW V3 costs $3000. There's also the option of the KW V3 CLUBSPORT KIT, which is priced at $6000. Currently, I have a KW/MPP coilovers...
  9. Multiple issues after installing oil cooler, intercooler, and radiator

    I went to a different dealership and made some calls. I got connected to a friend of a friend who works at a honda dealership, which helped me. Im only buying a honda on that specific dealership from now on.
  10. Multiple issues after installing oil cooler, intercooler, and radiator

    the code hasn't come back once the dealer clears the code. Although, they refuse to fix the AC problem since they blame the modified radiator. i bought an OBD reader just in case I see that engine light again. I have to make some calls and drive more than an hour for a Honda dealership to...
  11. Multiple issues after installing oil cooler, intercooler, and radiator

    I've made several modifications to my Civic Type R (2,847 miles) , installing the following components: HEL Performance Oil Cooler PRL Intercooler PRL Charge Pipe PWR Track Radiator Acuity Super Cooler Reverse Flow Silicone Radiator Hose Initially, I discovered a leak in the AC condenser and...
  12. Brake fading during track day

    did you guys ever use race track brake pads with stock rotors? I'm wondering if i should destroy my stock rotors first before swapping a slotted girodisc rotors.
  13. Best combined track and street pad?

    key difference for my reference as well: ds2500 efficiency drops down on 600c but it's noisy? note: i get what i paid for. looks like p3 temperature efficiency falls on 500C efficiency falls down 600C. ive used these pads. it's so quiet that I forget that I'm using a track race pad.
  14. Best combined track and street pad?

    thanks for the reply. this is the P3 for our fl5 right? $186 https://paragonbrakes.com/paragon-pbp370-brake-pads/ vs Ferodo DS2500 = $369 https://www.counterspacegarage.com/ferodo-ds2500-front-brake-pads-honda-civic-type-r-fk8 looks like theres big price difference. i wonder is it worth it?
  15. Brake fading during track day

    bumping this up since im looking for a front and rear combo. is the p3 pads noisy? I am looking at pagid racing RSL29 but the price is double! im hoping for something hat can perform like RSL29, long-lasting, track-ready, quiet, and easy on the rotors.
  16. Best combined track and street pad?

    bumping this up. are they loud/noisy?
  17. California For Sale - Bride Zeta IV - Gradation / Super Aramid Black Carbon Fiber

    I paid $2,018 for this at Evasive Motorsports. I'm selling it for $1500 since it's collecting dust. No issues with the seats. The Tesla has a new Recaro seat now but will go back to stock form so I can use it as a daily driver. I need some money to mod the type R. I am also willing to trade...
  18. Type R owner age?

    is this lowered? if so, how low? what is the size of your wheels and tires?
  19. Willow Springs - Big Willow (1st time tracking Type R FL5)

    i dont remember. i have asked for advanced but I think they put me in the middle.