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  1. Has anyone experienced "sticky steering" with their 2023 Civic Type R?

    Totally underwhelmed by the support from my dealer and Honda. It’s the final straw for me so it’s going to be replaced by a G80 M3.
  2. American Honda Sold Over 200,000 Civics in 2023 (50% Increase YoY)

    Maybe they can do something about the fundamental steering issue that’s effecting their cars…. https://www.thedrive.com/news/new-honda-civics-cr-vs-and-acura-integras-under-investigation-for-sticky-steering
  3. Has anyone experienced "sticky steering" with their 2023 Civic Type R?

    After experiencing it for 6 hours during a single journey, I’ve not experienced it over the last few drives (200 miles). Honda U.K. seem to be ignoring the problem so I’ve written to them.
  4. Has anyone experienced "sticky steering" with their 2023 Civic Type R?

    Seems like Honda are starting the acknowledge the problem and know what’s causing it. https://www.thedrive.com/news/new-honda-civics-cr-vs-and-acura-integras-under-investigation-for-sticky-steering#:~:text=The National Highway Traffic Safety,are now effectively under investigation...
  5. Has anyone experienced "sticky steering" with their 2023 Civic Type R?

    FL5 Type R owner here. I’ve 100% experienced the issue today on the motorway/highway. When cruising and a minor adjustment is require the steering becomes ‘sticky’ and requires a more firm input, meaning you overcompensate. It’s a very subtle issue, but becomes frustrating after a while. You...
  6. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    Us CTR owners in Europe could do with our friends over the pond setting an international shipping service for this part! :)
  7. Flapfab vs Sukeban rock guards

    Has anyone got any road rash from not installing guards? I have some sitting in the garage, but after 4k miles, including winter driving, I have no damage.
  8. Thoughts on the Milltek vs AWE exhaust ??

    I heard from a U.K. tuner the Milltek exhaust holds the power back at top end due to the restrictive rear silencer design. Disappointing.
  9. Aftermarket Steering Wheels Anyone?

    Horses for courses, but aftermarket carbon wheels (especially if they are not round) look absolutely awful to me.
  10. Second Gear Grind 😢

    No grind here at 1,500 miles. First to second is the stiffest pull of the lot, but I figured it comes with the territory. Did quite a few 1st to 2nd shifts pulling out on track recently and it was pretty satisfying. Good luck.
  11. Show Your FL5 MPG’s!!!

    Not sure it’s that great, my C63 with a 4 litre V8 and 500hp was very similar to the FL5, although I’ll take the FL5 almost every time.
  12. Acura Type S... Dissapointing

    The Type R has the exact same panel misalignment above the headlights.
  13. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Some positive feedback. 2000 miles in, there is the odd creak and rattle but no worse than any AMG or M car I’ve owned. Loving this car.
  14. Any UK people on here?

    I’m friends with a Honda salesman and that’s what I heard from him last week. Honda seem pretty inconsistent though. Loads of AutoTrader, I’m pretty sure prices will start coming down due to that.
  15. Sunglass holder! Why doesn’t the R have it…

    I’ve always found my sunglasses rattle in those mounted cases.
  16. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    That’s a pretty innovative solution. Comfort more is about spot on for U.K. roads, the suspension feels more compliant than my C63. I thought our roads were pretty rubbish, but your roads over the pond must be awful!! looking forward to testing out sport and R mode on the track this week.
  17. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    1k miles in, there are a few buzzes at certain RPMs but this is a stiff performance car, not an E-class… No doubt people are hearing issues, but it also feels like some people are expecting are totally silent car… Part of me thinks the right hand drive cars are experiencing less issues for one...
  18. Vibration during acceleration in 1st gear

    Surely this is a good thing? Unless you want an EV… Sure, it’s not a V8 type of vibration but at least you know something is happening.
  19. Any UK people on here?

    Got to push mine for the first time, what an absolute weapon this car is. It’s relatively refined as a daily, but up the ante and it just comes alive. My background is bikes, and I had forgotten that cars can feel this good/involved. Can’t wait for some track time. The 911 Turbo and...