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Search results

  1. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Where did you get the covered foot rest?
  2. Type R owner age?

    Mid thirties and compared to my Ef, EG, and Ek civic from my college days it's very practical. It's my daily and I can do just about everything with it.
  3. A Christmas Miracle

    Congrats on the car! You showed a high level of resilience and it payed off.
  4. Mileage check-in.

    I purchased the car for one reason. To enjoy it every single day as my daily. I think I'm doing my part 😅
  5. Mileage check-in.

    All of the above!
  6. Mileage check-in.

    CTR 01103 Purchased 12/23/2022 and currently sitting at 30,401. Have loved every minute of it!
  7. KTuner for FL5?

    Congrats on the purchase. I traded in my 23 si as well back in December for the R. I too had went with Ktuner so you are not alone there. As a member stated Hondata does have more tuning options to cater to individual tunes. Recreate what did with your S.I. and I'm positive you'll have a smile...
  8. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    I have only done business with Ed Voyles Honda. I have no complaints. I also like to have my car serviced from the same dealer I purchased from. So I am unable to lend any valuable insight other then I have not had any issues with the Dealership.
  9. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Nice, I have seen one other rally red type in the Cobb area.
  10. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    I believe I have seen the BB type r as well.
  11. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Agreed I'm in R mode 90% of the time with no issues or gripes. Sport with passengers in the rear.
  12. I need to know which one of you is out here buying Type R’s for 70k

    I agree with this comment completely. I put a hold deposit on the Type R the day after I got delivery of my 22 S.I. of February 2022. I had agreed at the time to 5-8k over MSRP as I went over 5k on the S.I. Once the demand for the car arrived the new finance Manger bumped it to 10k.. I ended...
  13. I need to know which one of you is out here buying Type R’s for 70k

    Ed Voyles Honda. I have pass purchases with them and I put my hold deposit down early. It balanced out as I definetly paid over msrp for my 22 S.I. but it was a different marker then...
  14. New Owner Observation / Stories

    No car is perfect, but to me the Type R is pretty close. I wasn't complaining only answering a question.....
  15. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I did purchase the 22 S.I. in February of 22. The type r Is an upgrade in every way and I have no regrets other then three things. No sunroof, 3rd row back seat, or passsnger charging ports for any passengers in the back.
  16. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I just drove 800 miles for a vacation and it's absolutely amazing on long trips. Seats are comfortable and the driver assist is amazing. To be able to set the adaptive cruise on long highway stretches makes it almost worth it alone.
  17. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    3,700 on the Odometer and nothing yet. I will admit I'm usually just cruising around in it as my daily and enjoying the twists and curves.