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Search results

  1. Orange blazing pearl oem paint SUCKS!!!!!

    Anybody else civics only have one layer of paint on it? Havent hit 9k miles yet. I have a 3/4 inch chip on the roof, 4 to 5 1/4 - 3/4 inch chips along the front bumper, 2 more on the hood. Somone hit my rear fender with a cart or car door and its a almost bare metal 1 1/2 chip .... bare fucking...
  2. My new ‘22 si 🕺🏼

    Finally got around to getting pictures Absolutely love this thing!
  3. 2022 civic Si review after first weekend

    Alright, so i purchased my 22' blazing orange Si on friday. Here is my rundown on the comfort, performance, and features. (This is my first Si and first MT vehicle) coming from a 2017 civic sport Lets start with Comfort: The seats (fronts, have not sat in back) im 5'6" 150lbs and let me tell...
  4. Picking my 2022 blazing orange Si today!!!!!

    going after work! cannot wait! This is my first Si and first manual! I've waited a decade and some change for this moment. Been running civic sports and accord sports my past 3 vehicles. My little sister ordered a all black sport and yesterday when we picked up her car they had both ours in the...