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  1. Big willow track days and temp issues

    Dang, I’ll be at Buttonwillow next week and I think temps are going to be 110+. I’m curious how the car will perform with just an intercooler. I see someone I know in that run group you were in (Leo with the Tesla).
  2. Rev Jump When Upshifting under Hard Acceleration

    It happens to me occasionally from 4th > 5th :rolleyes:.
  3. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Removal of the OEM one was easy. As far as installation goes it was straightforward but the bottom bolts (2 of them) towards the back side of the tank were somewhat a pain since there’s not much room. I broke a clip to a set of wires under the tank because I thought I needed to remove them.
  4. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    It’s the dipstick for the expansion tank! Since there’s no visual indicator on the tank, they provide this which you dip inside the top. At full it’ll be at or around a certain part of the threads.
  5. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Installed the 27Won Coolant Expansion Tank over the weekend:
  6. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    There’s meets coming up but are all inclusive, nothing FL5 specific. But, maybe we should start one!
  7. California Honda Motocompacto Scooter

    $1000, no less. Used a few times to get the mail and ride around the neighborhood. Box and charger included. Red vinyl where the “Honda” is. I’m selling it as I don’t use it as often as I had thought.
  8. Tracking with lowering springs

    This. I run Swift Spec-R lowering springs and RBF600 with no issue. I was on 18x9.5 +45 with 265/35/18 tires.
  9. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    Dang haha, yeah our group was registered to be in the show so we were in at 9AM.
  10. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    It was so hot, I ended up leaving around 1PM.
  11. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    Not sure how many, but it will be a lot!
  12. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    7:40AM in Anaheim (address in photo).
  13. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    A handful of us are caravaning from OC if you want to join us!
  14. The Honda Meet (Eibach) - 5/19/24

    I’m going, is anyone else 🤔 ?
  15. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Oh dang, I didn’t know there was a wait like that for it. Bummer!
  16. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    I’m on Swift Springs. The car feels very planted as it is and like what Cornercarver said, it does provide the needed downforce. But hey, congrats on the Voltex!
  17. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Thanks! I’m sure it serves its purpose :p:
  18. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Thanks! Thank you sir! These are the GT Premium! I ended up getting a good deal locally with the tires, I couldn’t pass it up :) .
  19. Seat Covers

    They're sold as a single seat cover from Unity Performance.