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  1. First track day, now tires are “noisy”?!?

    Had a blast on a local track yesterday, first time in this car. Three 20min sessions. Tires definitely got warm but they look normal after a track day. Driving home after and also today I noticed the OEM tires are noticeably louder/ road noise. I have around 3800 miles. Is the added noise...
  2. Brake fluid change question

    I plan to track my fl5 next month. I’ll be swapping lines, pads and fluid. All things I’ve done before. Usually the old fluid is dark and it’s easy to see when the new fluid is bleeding out the caliper. This time the car has 3500 miles and the fluid is still new. How do you guys know when the...
  3. Hondata jailbreak tour -Atlanta 4/20