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  1. New Car Fl5 Type R bumper Gap

    The same gap happened to my R after someone at the gym backed into me. Luckily the PPF blocked any paint damage, but it did cause that gap on the driver side of the front bumper. When I removed the bumper to install an intercooler, it all lined up perfectly when I reinstalled the bumper. But...
  2. Official Wheel Fitment Thread for 11th Gen FL5 Civic Type R

    So… I hear now’s the time to order our fav wheels with the ¥ being down. 🥵
  3. Where’s the Aero?

    How can I not find other people who have installed the CMST front lip?
  4. FL5 PRL HVI Intake Installed

    I can confirm that you don’t need to buy the $50 coupler guys. PRL customer service told me I needed to buy it in order to use the HVI with their titanium inlet pipe, but that’s not the case. Perfect fit.
  5. Recall: 2023 Civic Type R (FL5) Driver's Seat Cushion Frame Stop Sale (TSB Service Bulletin 23-030)

    Just buy foam padding from Home Depot and tape onto all plastic panels with blue masking tape
  6. PRL High Volume Intake Preorders Open 11am CST!

    I already ordered everything. Sucks that I have to pay an extra $50 because I was early to the Titanium Inlet Pipe upgrade. :( The price is the price but sheeeesh :bonk:
  7. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Per @typerproductreviews on IG, pre-orders go live next Monday, 02/19. Release date 4/15.
  8. FL5 OEM Bass + Subwoofer Speaker Ring Upgrade

    but but but... connecting to the sub is super easy :oops: ..jk I get it. You're trying to maintain everything factory in case you wanna undo the sub work. Honestly, any reputable audio garage can make that for you. For all of us actually. They just need the car in person.
  9. FL5 OEM Bass + Subwoofer Speaker Ring Upgrade

    That option is now $499 btw! :thumbsdown: I'm 100% down to buy yours. I'm just wondering how to speaker is covered? Or do I leave it exposed?
  10. CTR FL5 Builds at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 (Mugen, Varis Japan, Fujisubo, Blitz Japan, Aimgain)

    It appears to be a 1" drop & it rides perfect. Achieved with Swift springs.
  11. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    Post your vin on here with a note stating that you only followed the maintenance minder. Makes it easier for people to avoid buying your used vehicles. :thumbsup:
  12. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Can't wait to try Type S & Stage 1 paired with my AWE Track exhaust tonight. :headbang:
  13. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    The stock intake is proving to be very efficient per the minor research I’ve done. I’d just go through with tuning without it. I plan to have an MHI Stage 2 & DP installed and tuned this month. I’ll retune after acquiring the charge pipes & intake from PRL.
  14. So glad I passed.

    Exactly. Don’t pay $5-10k over for a regular trim. Wait for the LIMITED trim and pay $20-25k over. Well said my friend
  15. So glad I passed.

    Damn @Texas58 . Pinched a nerve there. :lol: