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  1. 2025 Civic Adds New Hybrid Trims, Sportier Styling and Upgraded Tech

    Yup, It might be cancelled or the Prelude might take its place. But Honda executives already said the Prelude wouldn't be a sporty car. The Si will probably come back as a sporty hybrid variant next generation, but how Honda will implement an LSD into their hybrid drives is anyone's guess.
  2. 2025 Civic Adds New Hybrid Trims, Sportier Styling and Upgraded Tech

    No chance, that would mean that Honda would have to send additional millions emissions testing it. The 2025 Canadian Si specs leaked Feb 29th. No power changes, no performance upgrades.
  3. I’ll just park next to you thank you

    Atrocious parking jobs. I park away from people in my good car, but still haven't mustered the balls to double park. It's clear the Subie driver is parking away from people and you just parked next to him/her. How did OP know the Subie driver was a woman?
  4. Tuning Civic E:hev

    No, most of the time, the engine in hybrid Hondas is essentially working as a electricity generator and the car is driven using the electrical motor. Only in high-speed steady state cruising does the engine clutch engage and the engine is driving the car forwards. There's zero incentive to tune...
  5. 2025 Civic Sedan New Trims & Colors + Hybrid

    https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/2025-civic-specifications-canada.53547/ Per Canadian trim models, 1.5T is now Si exclusive.
  6. 2025 Civic Sedan New Trims & Colors + Hybrid

    https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/2025-civic-specifications-canada.53547/ Check out this post for the 2025 Canadian Si. Very few changes (USB-C, google). The question is how much is Honda going to update the US Si to match the Canadian Si? I'm thinking not much due to Honda's business...
  7. Is it time to say hello to Type R and bye to S2000? Need Help!

    Ditch the Telsa and get the FL5. The Tesla's the least memorable car of the 3. If you sell the S2000, you'll probably regret it. I have similar thoughts with my MR2, but I always keep it. Every spring when I sit in it again, I'm reminded at how special a mid-engined car that cost $5k can be...
  8. 2025 Civic Specifications (Canada)

    Yup, I think you're right. Looks like Honda is phasing out turbocharging in favor of hybridization. The next generation of Accord/CR-V/Civic will probably be full hybrid to meet Honda's electrification goals, which means no more ICE+manual. This raises a question: how sporty will the new Type R...
  9. 2025 Civic Specifications (Canada)

    Hi all, looks like Honda Canada quietly posted 2025 specs for the upcoming 11th gen model refresh about a month ago. Special thanks to reddit users Med1011998 & PNF2187 for digging up the specs and sharing (Honda Canada Corporate links posted below). Keep in mind that these are Canadian models...
  10. North Carolina FOR SALE: 2022+ Civic PRL Rear Motor Mount - $160

    I was thinking about getting one of these, but am also concerned about vibrations. Did they only occur at idle with the A/C on? How were the vibrations without the A/C on? Would you step it up to a Type R mount before going back to the Si OEM mount? That seems like the way to go to have some...
  11. 2.0L Can I engine swap my car and if so what engines?

    Don't bother with an engine swap. Trade in your car for an Si and do bolt ons or get the Elantra N or GTI.
  12. All Hail The Civic Challenger

    Front profile is dope, 1/4 is dope, side profile and 3/4 view look frumpy. Agreed, rear view looks like like a 280Z.
  13. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Which LEDs did you go with? Looking to do the same thing with some high quality LEDs.
  14. Nuts in my air box !!!

    1) How often do you drive your car? If you're letting it sit for days or weeks, squirrels will lose their fear and start exploring your car. I think the car becomes an immobile "part of the environment" if it sits too long, like a tree, and animals will start to investigate. My girl friend would...
  15. Maryland DWS 06 Plus 265/35ZR18

    Appreciate the details on the rigid collars. I was looking at these and heard good things.
  16. Maryland DWS 06 Plus 265/35ZR18

    Would you mind going into more details between the differences between the DWS06+ and Michelins. Can't decide between the two, and I think I'm splitting hairs and overthinking.
  17. Costco engine oil review?

    I've spent too much time on Bobistheoilguy wasting my time and never got a clear answer or any objective evidence / testing for which types of oils I should use. If it has the API seal and is full synthetic, go ahead an run it as a daily oil. Oil change intervals are more important than oil...
  18. 2025 Civic Refresh Announced. Hybrid Civic Sedan & Hatchback Will Launch

    All good points here. Civic Si auto hatchback exists, it's called the Integra. Honda will never put a K engine in the Civic if they got rid of it in the Accord. Everything's going hybrid now, EV later. My predictions for 2025 refresh: 1) Entire Civic line up gets full suite of Honda Sensing. 2)...
  19. Advice for not snapping turbo/downpipe bolts

    I own an MR2 Spyder and I installed a catback exhaust in it a few years back. The exhaust was very rusty, and to avoid snapping bolts, I took 2 days and maybe 15-20 PB sessions to undo the bolts. I would hit the bolts with PB Blaster, wait 5 minutes, undo bolts by a 1/4 or 1/2 turn, hit bolts...