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Search results

  1. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    I think it's quite good looking. I think the Si in the sedan form has potential to be a really good looking car. Plus, the "more powerful engine options” as pointed out above really has my gears turning!
  2. Here's what the next-gen 2022-2023 Civic Type R will look like

    I'm not sure I can really tell if this odd looking bulge is on the prototype. Other than that, I really do like how I blends some of the elements from the 10G like the coupe style taillights and aggressive front fascia.
  3. Now See The 11th Gen Civic SEDAN Revealed In Patent Images

    I've gotta admit that the mockup with the paint colors does look quite nice. Give the si some nice wheels, a nice spoiler, good looking exhaust, and an upgraded 1.5t, and we might be onto something. Also, with only two body styles it would be epic to have a Type-R sedan.
  4. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    Never been a big fan of any car from patent images. They almost always look better with real wheels, paint, and comparing with a background. One thing is for sure... this civic will probably continue to handle very well, be very fuel efficient, and still fun.

    Wasn’t the next ILX supposed to be on the 5 door platform? I seriously think this could be an Acura product.
  6. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    I don't believe that. Also, did motortrend make that concept? It looks hideus.
  7. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    I can't imagine an Si model with any engine smaller than the 1.5L unless it's a hybrid setup.
  8. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    Looks like it's from October of 2016. I would have believed that information back then, but with the MMC not happening until MY 2020, I doubt it'll be that fast.