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  1. What do you guys predict the 11th gen Si will be like?

    I've gotten decent at heel toe now on my Si with the acuity pedal spacer but sometimes I still bungle it by over revving. Having the rev match when you want it would be very nice.
  2. Here's what the next-gen 2022-2023 Civic Type R will look like

    The current R is one hell of a car for the money but I couldn't get over the overstyled, boy racer looks and the crazy markups. If these rendering prove correct I will have to think long and hard for sure. Or if there's a Si hatch... 🤔
  3. (Sold) Ktuner v1.2 ————

    Can you post a picture showing the unit is unlocked along with your username and date? Interested.
  4. Introducing ACUITY's New Performance Shifter Centering Spring!

    Thanks Russ. Great customer service as always. I probably will reach out and inquire for an exchange. All the other parts I've purchased have been fantastic, especially the insulated esco knob. :drive:
  5. Introducing ACUITY's New Performance Shifter Centering Spring!

    Over the weekend I installed my CTR shifter in my Si. I put in the centering spring with the rubber sleeves but it would make a slight squeaking sound when pushing to one side. Used the provided lube on the section of the rubber sleeve that was brushing up against the shifter base but didn't...
  6. Sold: 27WON BBK

    Is there a reason why the calipers were powder coated if they only had 200 miles on them amd the car was already gone?
  7. Sold: 27WON BBK

    Use the following template and you’ll know for sure. https://store.27won.com/_27Won/27Won-1-Product-Listings/FC1-3-413_Big_Brake_Kit/FC1-3-413-BBK-Wheel-Fitment-Cutout.pdf
  8. FS: k-tuned springs and MAP stealth exhaust for si coupe

    Have any pics of the springs? Any pics of your car after springs were installed and broken in? Was the advertised drop of 1 inch accurate on your Si? Interested as I like the mild drop spec and a mild 20% increase in spring rate.
  9. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Was finally able to install the passenger side this weekend while I changed out my front brake pads. I ended up partially removing the black plastic fender liner in the wheel well so i could reach in barely past the windshield washer reservoir to unclip the plug. Its not much space to work with...
  10. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Yeah I think I'll have to take off the wheel and unclip the plastic fender liner enough to access the plug. I'm going to do a brake pad upgrade anyhow in the near future so I'll do it then.
  11. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Heres a pic with the module installed on the drivers side and stock on the passengers side. Hard to distinguish in the picture but it definitely does the job and you can see the difference in person. I have stock projectors with 5000k HID low beams. I tried installing on the passenger side but...
  12. Si sedan HFP springs, rear arms and muffler delete mods

    Does the HFP springs have a higher spring rate compared to regular Si springs? Looks like they don’t provide a drop.
  13. DRL Stay Bright modules

    I'm interested in the 2.0 version. let me know when you have them available for purchase.
  14. 27WON Only Sale of the Year (2019 holiday sale) details inside.

    Nice! If the bbk is on a good sale, merry early christmas to me :lol:
  15. FS: Used Si RMM / Perrin Inserts

    Thanks for the feedback to the community. I have a CTR RMM waiting to go on my Si and I was thinking of adding on the inserts too. I'll pass now as well as I like things more civil for my daily commuter. Good luck with the sale.
  16. Prodigy Werks 6 Piston 14” brake kit

    What's the size of the rotors? Is there any wheel fitment template online?
  17. Big Brake Kit Installed on Si - problem with wheel bolts

    Just got my new wheels today and tested a Stoptech template and a 27won template. Stoptech did not clear and would need at least another 5-10mm. 27won had plenty of clearance. The Stoptech template seems to stick out like 8-9mm more at the furthest point closest to the spokes. Looks like I...
  18. Big Brake Kit Installed on Si - problem with wheel bolts

    Glad they are working out for you. I'm definitely interested in this kit or the Stoptech. I had a Stoptech 4 piston kit when I was tracking my 350z and they performed flawlessly on the track and streets. Very good firm pedal feel with no slop in initial pedal travel. But with my new wheels...
  19. Big Brake Kit Installed on Si - problem with wheel bolts

    Nice... let us know how it performs on the track and if theres any pad knock back. What pads are you using for the track? Any squealing on the streets?
  20. Big Brake Kit Installed on Si - problem with wheel bolts

    How’s the pedal feel with the new kit? Is it firmer than stock? Does it bite right away with initial pedal travel? Good to know it will clear with only a 5mm spacer but just barely.