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  1. Chances of an automatic?

    Yeah man, I don't think there is enough runway for development in production at all :( Personally as much as I hate the idea of a lack of combustion as a whole, we do really need to move in that direction unfortunately. I do think there are companies actively working on race-spec CVT's but they...
  2. Chances of an automatic?

    We know THIS particular CVT isn't great with more power. CVT's have been banned from racing, I can't recall exact details, but because of the ability to hold rpm at optimum power they have an "unfair advantage". That being said, I think CVT will be the trans of the future. Think about it we used...
  3. Spied: 2022 Civic Hatchback up close

    Pretty sure I read that there will be an Si hatch this time!!! I would have 100% jumped for that instead of my sport touring.
  4. 2022 Civic Type R Info & Rendering. Will Have Manual Transmission and Upgraded 2.0L Turbo Engine

    Well then. Quite the opinionated article. For real though, I think it's actually 50/50 or close to it. A lot of people love the over the top styling, and those that don't love it take every chance to hate on it... Case in point. While I do understand the lack of appeal to some, there can be...
  5. WTB: Red Door Handles

    Probably a shot in the dark, but I'm looking to swap my door handles with red ones. I got the black Thenice covers, and I'm just not a big fan of how they don't cover all the white parts like inside the lock hole. I have "sensing" handles with the button and heat sensors, and I have 4 doors...
  6. Back In Stock, Best Choice-OEDRO All-Weather Floor Mats

    Dude, I'd buy another set in red just because they're red. I did read below this will be a no-go, but we can hope. These things are freaking great though, they've held up to the upstate NY winter perfectly. Surprisingly they haven't deformed at all, usually even the good ones end up getting...
  7. Back In Stock, Best Choice-OEDRO All-Weather Floor Mats

    You guys going to be working on the coupe ones?
  8. New Vendor, 43% Off All Weather Floor Mats When Using The Code

    So I just got mine and I am thoroughly impressed. These are nice material that is rigid but slightly flexible so you can bend it a bit to get it lined up right. When someone says "perfect fit" I never believe that crap, but I'll be damned these things fit PERFECT. Even the back seat with the...
  9. New Vendor, 43% Off All Weather Floor Mats When Using The Code

    Yep! Must have gotten the last set or damn near it. They'll be here tomorrow, I'm very excited. Will make a post once I've put em in and used them a few times - if they're any good, people here need to know as the other brands tend to be at least $120 plus shipping. I have a feeling this will be...
  10. New Vendor, 43% Off All Weather Floor Mats When Using The Code

    Oof. I got a shipping confirmation this morning @ 5am... hopefully it's real because we just got about 8" of snow last night... Winter has arrived :nono: