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  1. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    Is think this concept could very well be what the 11th gen Si will look like. Black wheels, BBK, integrated duckbill spoiler, dual exhaust. The base models might get a little more toned down.
  2. New 2022 Civic XI Sedan Renderings (Motor1)

    If this 11th gen Si loses the 6mt option... then I'm buying another 10th gen Si now and putting it in storage for 20 years 😅

    I also think it could potentially be a performance variant of the ILX. Probably not an accord since that body style just came out in 2018. It still could be a 2022 CTR judging by the front bumper design.
  4. 2007 Acura TL Type-S A-SPEC 6-Speed Manual

    Man this makes me miss my '05 6MT TL... Good luck with selling!
  5. FS: 27Won Shift Knob (red) *BRAND NEW*

    It comes with its own locking nut that will work with the OEM plastic boot collar, but not with Acuity's SS boot collar.
  6. FS: 27Won Shift Knob (red) *BRAND NEW*

    Sorry, it is sold.
  7. FS: 27Won Shift Knob (red) *BRAND NEW*

    Jeez, that was quick!
  8. FS: 27Won Shift Knob (red) *BRAND NEW*

    Hello All, I have for sale a 27Won shift knob, brand new, in box. It has the red stitch option. I literally got this knob yesterday but couldn't install it because of my Acuity boot collar. It's designed to be used with the OEM collar. It's unused but I can't return it, so I'd take $85...
  9. Please delete old sale thread

    $2000+shipping? LOLLLLLL good luck 27won W1 turbo is $1492.71 on 27won's website. Acuity Short Shifter is $479.00 on Acuity's website. Don't know if they have arithmetic where you're from, but you're offering them for MORE than the manufacturers...
  10. Stage 3 Lowest Setting?

    Per their website, the height can be adjusted +24mm/-10mm (+0.945"/-0.393") compared to stock. From the pictures of the shifter, looks like you could cut off another 10-20mm from the bottom of the rod if you really wanted to. Just make sure to deburr or put a radius/chamfer on the edges after...
  11. FS: KTuner v1.2, Acuity Pedal Spacer, Smoked Sidemarkers

    Sorry bud, I'm gunning for it!
  12. Ktuner V1.2 $275 (Still up)

    Sorry, I think the Ktuner for the Si is different. I won't take yours.
  13. Ktuner V1.2 $275 (Still up)

    I'll take it off your hands!
  14. WTB: 10th Gen Sedan OEM Tail lamp assy - Driver's side

    Nevermind, I found one. Thanks!
  15. WTB: 10th Gen Sedan OEM Tail lamp assy - Driver's side

    Would you be willing to part with just the driver's side?
  16. WTB: 10th Gen Sedan OEM Tail lamp assy - Driver's side

    All, For anyone that upgraded tail lamps or happens to have a spare OEM tail lamp assembly, I'm looking for a driver's side one. I recently discovered that my tail lamp somehow cracked near one of the mounting bolts and it moves around more than I'd like... Please let me know if anyone has one...
  17. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    Haha you took the words right out of my mouth
  18. FS: OEM Civic Si Steering Wheel (2019)

    Sorry, it was sold back in August.