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Search results

  1. 2022 Civic Hatchback Spied Again With New Wheels, Less Camo

    Another 👎 design. Honda made a comeback with the style of Gen X over the 9th gen blah style. Now back to blah styling again. Maybe with low 11th Gen sales they'll get a clue.
  2. 😱 Production 2022 Civic Sedan LEAKED!

    On a scale of 1-10, I give the rear end a -10.
  3. 😱 Production 2022 Civic Sedan LEAKED!

    The only thing I don't like about the front is the 1 tone body color. No contrast from the chrome or black trim. The rear end is fkn horrible. Couldnt be duller than an amoeba.. Fire the designers. Hope they didn't destroy the hatch rear end.
  4. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    If I haven't commented about the looks of this 11th Gen. Well, BLAH! Thank God I bought a 10th Gen. I just don't understand Honda designers. How can you follow a knockout design with styled back bland trash?
  5. Official 2022 Civic Sedan Teaser! Concept Reveal Coming Nov 17!

    The tailights and headlights look like any other car on the road now. BORING!
  6. An Old Guy Gets a K-Tuner

    Ah, still young enough to have fun!:)
  7. An Old Guy Gets a K-Tuner

    And so how old is old?
  8. 27WON - Designing the L15 Turbo Inlet Pipe

    I like it. But, will the hood still close? Seems like the stock was flattened for clearance. And I would buy it if it comes in red!:)
  9. 11th Gen Civic XI Hatchback Production Moving to North America

    Who knows what the 11th gen will be like. I do know that 2022 will be the 50th year of production, a pretty big milestone. Hopefully they will make a really special model for this.
  10. CTR: 2017 for sale:

    Even with those mods, I dont think your gonna get $45k. But, you never know.
  11. Will there be 11th Gen MTs?

    Probably. But only in the Si and Type R.
  12. Hondata...Flashpro... +6 PSI ... my ongoing review

    What kind of tweaks are you wanting? I realize the carb version is limited.
  13. TSP Stage 1 Tune for the 2017+ Civic Si (Cobra Race Support Included!)

    The price is incredible. A tune for under $100? When all others are hundreds more, what is the catch here?
  14. Hondata...Flashpro... +6 PSI ... my ongoing review

    Is it safe to try the +9 tune on your car?
  15. How to: price and sell a supercharged 95 civic

    Screw Craigslist. I'll never use it. There was a kid who got murdered trying to sell a PS3 around here. You can meet the nicest people on Craigslist. You might try cars.com?
  16. How to: price and sell a supercharged 95 civic

    If it has no rust, I bet someone from California would pay $6,000. I'd ask 5,500 and go down from there. You don't find cars like that with low original miles. I'd make you an offer if I had extra money. Fine car you have there.