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  1. 2022 Civic colors and trims revealed 🎨

    Interesting that they are still keeping the 2.0 engine. I really thought they would make the 1.5T standard across the board. My guess is on the mid-cycle refresh they will axe the 2.0 and make the 1.5T standard.
  2. ALL NEW GEN11 CIVIC SEDAN first real shot in the wild! 😍

    I wouldn't say they "botched" the design but they clearly took a much more conservative route with this generation. If you were to put the 10th gen and 11th Gen side by side and asked me which one looked newer without knowing beforehand, I would have a tough time picking the 11th generation if...
  3. CVT or automatic transmission?

    Definitely staying CVT.
  4. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    10th gen Civic looked different from the rest of the cars out there (some will say for better or worse). But at least you could say it was not your conventional sedan looks. This gen is completely softened and while it doesn't look bad, it looks pretty average. I'm really curious to see if the...
  5. New 2022 Civic XI Sedan Renderings (Motor1)

    I don't dislike it, but it looks so...average. It doesn't make me do a double take like when I saw the 10th gen. Honda is 100% trying to make the looks more conventional for this generation to boost sales or something. Kinda sad but hopefully 11th gen still has that fun factor that Civics are...
  6. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    This looks so...average. 10th gen stood out (in a good way IMO) and just looked plain sleek. This is really conventional styling and gives me really economical vibes. Not to mention the fact that Honda is clearly steering away from the sporty styling and now going towards a more average styling...
  7. Now See The 11th Gen Civic SEDAN Revealed In Patent Images

    Not going to lie, i'm kind of disappointed from the initial prototypes. it looks like any other economy car, really basic and mundane. The 10th gens looked really unique and sleek in my opinion, especially from the front. It stood out on the road. Not sure I can say the same amount this, it...

    Yeah im getting BMW vibes from the front at least. Doesnt look bad though from what I can tell, we'll have to see once the camo is removed. Im glad to hear that the Type R is still going though since theres been a lot of speculation that it would be cancelled.
  9. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    Yeah with this pandemic and recent refresh, i'd be shocked if a new one came out by the end of 2021 at the earliest. The Civic still matches up to the competitors in terms of tech and drivetrain pretty damn well, only thing that is getting long in the tooth is the infotainment screen and...
  10. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    I already commented but after looking at this again (i know this is just an MT render), it looks kind of bragain basement in terms of styling. 10th gen front end and a previous gen Nissan Sentra rear end. And speaking of sentras, the new Sentra that came out looks better than this imo. I really...
  11. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    Well .having a Civic Hybrid and Insight would be pretty redundant. Honda would have to kill off the insight completely in order for a Civic Hybrid to make sense...which I don't see them doing because I've seen insights on the road a lot lately and they seem quite popular. Plus, Honda just...
  12. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    Looks interesting. I almost like the fastback design of our 10th gen sedans more though, but i'd have to get a shot of the rear to really say so.
  13. *For Sale* Ktuner V1.2

    You selling the car? or you just getting rid of the kTuner?
  14. SOLD Acura 19" Y spoke wheels with Bridgestone RE-71's tires

    Just saying, thread would be better with pics. GLWS.
  15. Looks like 2021 the R MIGHT be built in NA according to speculative articles.

    Nah I know this guy has a habit of trolling, i've seen his posts on other threads and he lives in a fantasy world of some sort. Its just that when he asked for "proof" and I found an article that literally said "Type R Production moving to North America" I couldn't resist. Interested to see what...
  16. Looks like 2021 the R MIGHT be built in NA according to speculative articles.

    Apparently everyone else but you figured out the fact that "hatchback production" includes the Type R. Because wait for it...It's a hatchback :eek:. My proof is literally in the title of this article...
  17. Honda Closing UK Swindon Plant in 2022

    I swear i've seen like 5 different threads about the plant closing. Not calling out this thread but in general do we really need so many threads about this? People need to read more before they create new threads.
  18. Honda Closing UK Swindon Plant in 2022

    Sedan by far is more popular. You can tell just by driving on the streets, you mostly see sedan.
  19. Honda Closing UK Swindon Plant in 2022

    Tbh it doesnt really affect the CivicX generation because by the time 2022 hits Honda would have released the 11th gen Civic. My hope is that they move hatch production to the U.S and if there is a CTR for the 11th gen then moving that too.
  20. Will there be 11th Gen MTs?

    MT will only be in the CTR and Si and MAYBE a Civic Sport if they decide to come out with one again.