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Search results

  1. 2022 Civic colors and trims revealed 🎨

    Nice to see they kept Sonic Grey, that was my 2nd choice for colour.
  2. ALL NEW GEN11 CIVIC SEDAN first real shot in the wild! 😍

    I don't hate the headlights but so far I much prefer the 10th gen front end
  3. CVT or automatic transmission?

    I don't see why they would suddenly do a 180 and go back to standard autos after all the R&D on CVTs.
  4. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    Meh. I'm excited to see it in the flesh (steel? aluminum?) but my initial impression is face-lifted AccordX with a more boring rear end. If they make an Si hatch though....well, I'll have to see.
  5. Please delete old sale thread

    2000 grand = 2000 x 1000 2MIL is an expensive turbo :P
  6. scam company?

    I think they are suggesting someone tried to steal them, which happens all the time.
  7. SOLD

    Bump. Make an offer
  8. SOLD

    Price drop $700
  9. SOLD

    Sunday bump
  10. SOLD

  11. How to detect when real knock occurs

    One thing I'll just add on, is that KCon. will increase no matter what, if you go above a certain RPM (5k?) on a Non-Si ECU. It's just a safeguard. So if you're seeing KCon. rise and you're hitting those high RPM, that's why.
  12. Non-Si Part Out Lots of Parts

    Are you leaving the LSD installed for trade in?
  13. WTB/HELP me find:: Acuity Insulated ESCO Shift Knob

    Just message @ACUITY , the website always says out of stock because they're made in batches and will sell pretty much instantly. Get your name on the list.
  14. TSP Stage 1 misfire in cylinder 1/3/4 and running rich

    Yeah... I'd email TSP at this point honestly. Your car running fine on the stock tune AND a Ktuner basemap points to this being an issue with the tune file itself.
  15. TSP Stage 1 misfire in cylinder 1/3/4 and running rich

    Definitely sounds like the tune. Can you copy and paste the filename?
  16. TSP Stage 1 misfire in cylinder 1/3/4 and running rich

    That's strange. Was there an "R" anywhere in the tune file name? I feel like I've heard that's on the Race MAF tunes, but don't have a source on that... You basically just wanna inspect all hoses, lines, and couplers between the MAF/intake/turbo inlet and the cold pipe of the intercooler, where...
  17. FS - Billetworkz Weighted Shift Knob

    Might have to custom order one of those. Love the Japanese knob, but can't rock an Si engraving lol
  18. TSP Stage 1 misfire in cylinder 1/3/4 and running rich

    Why are we discussing octane and knock? This is clearly a very different issue. You're running super rich, enough to throw a code. So you've got a race MAF tune with a stock intake, a boost leak, or something else like leaking injectors. If you're sure the tune isn't for a race MAF, then...
  19. Running rich and misfire in all cylinders?

    Some kind of boost leak perhaps? If you're losing air somewhere between the MAF and the intake manifold, you'd be running rich and the ECU would pull fuel injection