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Search results

  1. Chances of an automatic?

    IIRC, Honda was very close to offering the DCT on the 10th gen, but got cold feet at the last minute. Maybe they finally take the plunge this time. I would very seriously consider it, as the 2nd-gear crunch, CDV, rev hang, and rubber-band torque characteristics of my current Si make manual...
  2. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    Little bit of BMW, little bit of Lexus. I like the long hood and the more-upright windshield. Vaguely reminiscent of Euro-market Hondas from decades past that I wished we could get here. I will miss the aggressiveness, especially in front three-quarters view, of the current Si sedan, but...
  3. FS: Two heavy shift knobs (cheap)

    One down, one to go.
  4. FS: Two heavy shift knobs (cheap)

    I'm going back to stock for a while. $24 shipped each, Paypal F&F. Or pickup near San Diego. SOLD Taiwanese Skunk2-style steel knob with brushed titanium finish. Identical in every way except the graphic; I wouldn't be surprised if this was manufactured side-by-side with the Skunk2. Great way...
  5. WTB: Aftermarket weighted shift knob.

    I have a virtually unused Skunk2 knockoff if you want to try the style for less money.
  6. Throttle response

    Okay. I'm just talking about throttle response. Is that more than one parameter? Are you telling us that no matter how much a tune improves throttle response globally, activating sport mode will always make it a little better?
  7. Throttle response

    On my tune I have the throttle responsiveness option turned up to the max, but I'm finding that with sport mode engaged there's still an improvement in response over regular. Is there any way for Ktuner to give me the same responsive pedal in regular mode that it does in sport?