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  1. 😱 Production 2022 Civic Sedan LEAKED!

    Looking forward to seeing what the SI brings. It might be good timing for me when my current lease is up.
  2. Hondata + TSB 18-137

    I had the recall done at my local Honda dealer. I went back to King Motorsports to have the Hondata +9 tune put back on my car a week later. I went with the $350 dealer flash option instead of buying the Hondata Flashpro. Everything went as smooth as can be.
  3. Hondata Dealer Flash

    Update: I recently had the recall done at my Honda dealership. I went back to King Motorsports to have them flash the car again with the +9 tune. Like I previously mentioned, this was at no charge. What I didn't expect was for the tune to be improved. What King does is they take the +9 map...
  4. Hondata Dealer Flash

    LOL...Good point!
  5. Hondata Dealer Flash

    Like any mod - you run the risk of voiding the warranty. Honda would have to prove the mod was the cause of a problem. For instance - There's no way Honda could say my Hondata tune caused a problem such as a defective seat belt.
  6. Hondata Dealer Flash

    The owner of King Motorsports told me they would not charge me to return to stock. They also told me they would not charge me to get the tune applied again once I no longer needed the car stock. Maybe that also answers the first question. I'm sure they'd let me have the most updated tune the...
  7. Hondata Dealer Flash

    I know what I did may not be for everyone, but I thought I'd share my experience. I decided to go the route of a Hondata Dealer flash for $350 from King Motorsports in New Berlin, WI. I chose the +9 tune for my manual hatch. This option works well for me, because I wanted a cost effective way...
  8. Hondata...Flashpro... +6 PSI ... my ongoing review

    I'm on the fence between using the +9 or +6 tune. Have you noticed any clutch slip with the +9 tune? You'd be a good person to answer, because you said you've been on the +9 for almost a year.
  9. Hondata...Flashpro... +6 PSI ... my ongoing review

    Did Doug confirm if the updates will be both for the carb and race version? I'm currently on the fence between getting the Hondata Carb, Race, or Ktuner V1.2. I have a manual, so I would like the ease of turning off rev hang by a quick enable. KTuner has that, but I'm not sure if Hondata Carb...