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  1. 2022 LX trim

    In a "non-covid" world, maybe a month to two months. Now.....AND the global chip shortage....who knows haha
  2. 2022 LX trim

    These are sedan only for now. We haven't been issued model ID's for the hatches yet.
  3. 2022 LX trim

    Here's some "source info" :cool: (I do inventory for my dealership) For 2022, no 5MT or 6MT are listed. Only CVT's.
  4. What will be the model / chassis / platform code of 11th generation?

    That information is not available yet. Once we get issued VIN numbers from the factory, or if some other info leaks, then everyone will know I'd assume.
  5. The new civic, from a dealership-employee-perspective...

    We haven't gotten any inquiries yet from customers on 22's yet. We have a few 20's left and all 21's now. I'd hope we have more info come late spring or early summer. :coffee:
  6. Si Drivers

    Welcome! I had a 2011 Si sedan for a few years, then had the 2018 Si coupe for a couple years. I'm excited to see what they do for the 11th gen as well. :headbang:
  7. The new civic, from a dealership-employee-perspective...

    We all have our opinions of last nights reveal, I'm kinda diggin' it but I'll reserve judgement. I'm excited to see them in person. I work for a Honda dealership in NY, so the moment I see that we have some of the new 11th gen's on my VIN's "in-transit" list, I'll post pics the moment they pull...
  8. SOLD 2017 Si OEM wheels in MD

    Shot in the dark here, but would you be willing to split-set, and sell me just one wheel/tire? If not, I fully understand, figured I'd ask anyway.:thumbsup: Either way, GLWS
  9. FS Maperformance Intake for SI

    WOW....thread hijack much? #ThatsAdickMove :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
  10. Tanabe Shock Tower Brace for 2013 Civic Si

    Might need to visit the previous 9th gen forum for this one :rofl: Would yield quite a bit more interest there :thumbsup:
  11. WTB: I'm looking for a PRL street MAF for my Si

    Disregard....mods can delete if needed
  12. PRL intake hose ( RED )

    Paid! :lock::lock::lock:
  13. FS- Si slave master cylinder

    Understand now, thanks again! :thumbsup:
  14. FS- Si slave master cylinder

    Not tryna hijack you FS thread....so consider it a free page bump....but can someone tell me the 10 second version for dummies about what removing the CDV does ?
  15. PRL intake hose ( RED )

    Replied as well :thumbsup:
  16. PRL intake hose ( RED )

    Sent you a PM about this
  17. FS: Trunk tray and compressor for Si coupe

    Bumpo :dunno:
  18. FS: Trunk tray and compressor for Si coupe

    Exactly yeah.....thing is, the tire on the donut itself has a different OD (outside diameter) than the stock Si tire size, so putting a donut upfront will spin at a slightly different speed then the stock front. Short term a couple miles ain't a big deal, but if you're not able to bring the car...
  19. FS: Trunk tray and compressor for Si coupe

    The LX spare will fit on the rear, and I will never place the donut on the front anyway. That would potentially damage the LSD, so in the event of a front flat, I would place a good wheel, from the rear, on the front, and the donut on the back. Regarding what I paid, I have a friend that works...
  20. FS: Trunk tray and compressor for Si coupe

    Got a full setup (tire and jack, tools, etc) that was brand new :) from a 2019 LX at a local junk yard