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Search results

  1. Ktuner v1.2 Montreal

    I am selling my ktuner v1.2. I am in Montreal, I will not ship the unit I prefer selling localy only. Asking 500$ cdn. Thanks
  2. Turbo Spool rate question

    Thanks for the info, I have the TSP stage also but I am keeping it in my back pocket for when I'll get bored with the car which tends to happen fast in my caseo_O
  3. Turbo Spool rate question

    So.... does anybody have this setting (boost target ramp rate) set to agressive disable ramp and if so for how long any issues?
  4. Turbo Spool rate question

    I can understand that the cvt might not be able to handle it, but for the manual cars I'm wondering about the impact on the turbo and the rest. I tried the car with the "aggressive - disable ramp" and it was fun :spaz:
  5. Turbo Spool rate question

    the boost target ramp rate setting under quick adjustment
  6. Turbo Spool rate question

    Question for ktuner users, what is the Spool rate setting that you are using. At the moment I'm at rate II and wondering if there is much difference with the no ramp option and if it can shorten the lifespan of the turbo?