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  1. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    I like the interior, but the exterior looks like a step backward :confused:
  2. Boomba Racing Weighted Shift Knobs

    That was about a year and a half ago. I've long since gotten a Raceseng knob. Either way thank you; Boomba flaked on the picture request :p
  3. Acuity Accelerater Pedal Relocation Bracket unbox/install video

    First one I tried was B, and that was way too high for me. C seems to be just right. I haven't had a lot of dual pedal action since the install, but what little I've had is satisfying! Great product, @ACUITY!
  4. Acuity Accelerater Pedal Relocation Bracket unbox/install video

    My relocator was delivered today! Going home to adjust my pedal after work.
  5. Acuity Accelerater Pedal Relocation Bracket unbox/install video

    Awesome! I'll definitely be getting one of these. Thanks in advance to @ACUITY and thank you for the video! I'm not sure why they insist on the purple motif for something (presumably) specifically for Civics, but hey it's outta sight anyway.

    I can tell you from personal experience that Yelp is a far better place for your complaints ;) And what he said ^ it is right at the top of this board.
  7. Boomba Racing Weighted Shift Knobs

    I'm actually one of the only (probably the only) Si owners who wants the loose, longer throws of the regular Civics, which is why someone's pawning off the parts from his Sport to me :)
  8. Boomba Racing Weighted Shift Knobs

    Hm... Do you happen to have any photos of the black one installed? I'm giving it some serious consideration. Then again, I'm like a week away from buying the "sloppy" shifter assembly from the regular Civic 6MTs from one of our forum brethren. Having a knob more than 2x the weight might be too...
  9. Boomba Racing Weighted Shift Knobs

    Is there any way to get this knob seated a little higher? I could see myself buying a black one (if I can get a red gate marker) if there were a way to not have the finished product looking so... stubby.
  10. The Official ACUITY Instruments CivicX product launch thread!

    I'd love to support you guys somehow, despite being the only Si owner who wants sloppy shifts :D Any chance of that shift knob coming in red-on-black?