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Search results

  1. 2022 Civic Sedan Aegean Blue Metallic Spotted in Honda HQ Parking Lot.

    its a corolla and an accord mixed together
  2. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    not a fan. the digital cluster looks too basic just in digital form. the honeycomb vents are weird with the joy stick looking adjustment? no thanks.
  3. 2007 Acura TL Type-S A-SPEC 6-Speed Manual

    oh damn. this is a great car! I've always loved the TL Type S. Wanted one as my 4 door commuter lol. So hard to find one nowadays in a good condition.
  4. The Official ACUITY Instruments CivicX product launch thread!

    this would be great to know. I was wondering about the exact same thing as i had to rotate the clamp to stop it from hitting the intake also.