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Search results

  1. Si equipment

    The sound system in the 10th gen Si is shit, I’d rather have decent speakers (and audio equalization) than anything else.
  2. Driving video: 2022 Civic Touring Sedan in Meteorite Gray Metallic

    It honestly looks great. I don’t think there’s gonna be any way the white doesn’t look like a low budget rental car, but the other colors are helping this car grow on me. I am only in the market for the Si anyway and I expect the added aggression for the Si + this generation’s understated...
  3. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    Honestly I think they nailed it, except for the nose. Lower part of the nose being body color looks off, should be black on sport models and chrome on other trims. The nose on the current Si beats the nose on the current sedans so I'm hoping there will be something there. Maybe a mid gen...
  4. 2022 Civic Sedan First Official Image! Specs and Info Coming April 28

    The front of the 10th gen non-sport/Si models has kind of a softer/weaker look to it too. I don't think that nose is that much of a change in terms of aggressiveness/sportiness level. As long as the Si has something sharper.
  5. ALL NEW GEN11 CIVIC SEDAN first real shot in the wild! 😍

    I like the more toned down look, I think it looks great. I love my 2020 Si sedan, but I truly hate the rear fake vents. It's only one thing I dislike about it, but it really kind of ruins the car for me, they just look so plastic and cheap and juvenile. Will upgrade to an 11th gen Si at some...