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Search results

  1. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    Love the rear bumper valance for sure, thought it needed it.
  2. 11th Gen Civic Trims & Specs from Honda Canada 🇨🇦

    There's a test drive of the touring up.
  3. All-New 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Teased Ahead of Global Debut on June 23!

    You sure about the Insight thing? I didn't notice it at first, but hard to unsee now. Nothing wrong with it though!
  4. Have a 2022 Civic Touring: Ask Me Anything! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    What do you like the least so far?
  5. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    The color matched rear bottom and upward angle makes the rear more bulbous, less sporty, and a bit like how a Tesla Model X SUV looks. I think the below camo pic does it a bit more justice even with the rendered lights, but we'll see!
  6. The "Should there be an Si hatch" Poll

    I agree with the broader appeal. A tiny bit more practicality of the hatch for the Si is what I want and will make me pause a bit on the Si if a non-Si hatch is available. Not sure if CTR owners care if it's a hatch or sedan, because they're buying either way.
  7. Walkaround video of 2022 Civic Touring by The Straight Pipes

    Excited to see what type of flair the Si and CTR will have. Perhaps some aero part will liven it up just right. I also hope we can get some stubbier vent knobs aftermarket, still looks like it's one of the only sore spot in the interior and maybe the glossy surface.