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  1. Official SONIC GREY 2022+ 11th Gen Civic Thread

    co-pilot does not look thrilled to be there ROFL
  2. HondaMobileMechanic Showcases Shipment of 2022 Civic Sport/Touring with Startup and Brief Walkaround

    Here we get another look at some of the colors and trims for the upcoming 11th generation model. All credit goes to OP from Youtube. CBP is definitely sleeker looking IMO.
  3. What We Know So Far... Visually

    So. Its time for 11th gen. Spy shots are being released, unveilings are scheduled, and we are all wondering to what the next model might look like. I want to share this photo I found off of Reddit by a great user who snapped a pic of what is assumed to be an 11th gen Civic in disguise. I think...