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  1. 11th gen Civic Si spotted by TFLcar

    Fair but you have to give them credit for ditching the chrome trim, the fake bumper vents and not-so-great stereo (assuming Si gets a similar upgrade as the Touring).
  2. 2022 Civic Hatchback and Civic Si On-Sale Dates Confirmed by Honda Marketing Roadmap

    Let’s hope Honda unveils the Si sedan when they do the hatchback this week… while the eternal optimists here can hope for an Si hatchback.
  3. 11th gen Civic Si spotted by TFLcar

    Nothing to write home about but all will be forgiven if Honda puts 250HP in it. Newsflash… they won’t and neither will they do a hatchback version or give it a CVT. Give yer balls a tug.
  4. Chances of an automatic?

    Honda should do many things… but Honda often sacrifices sales for vision. An auto in an Si would prob sell more Si’s but then it’s less “sport injected”. Has an Si ever had an automatic?
  5. Does any1 feel Honda will finally listen, and the 11th gen Si will be a huge improvement power wise?

    The current Accord should‘ve had a hatch. It would be a way to standout more in the sedan market and keep a few of those customers wanting more room from moving to an SUVs. Aim for the A5… I’m sure Honda could do a more reliable and space efficient version of that.
  6. Does any1 feel Honda will finally listen, and the 11th gen Si will be a huge improvement power wise?

    Oh Mom, I told you to stay off the Internet. It’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it!
  7. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    First time I’ve seen it, thanks. The rear looks better than the Jetta/Sonata tail lights on the sedan. Sketch Monkey on YT did a decent job of cleaning them up. Making them smaller makes the rear look more Audi less VW. A black sedan with the tail light lower non-red section tinted would be ok.
  8. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    The tail lights will probably look a bit more like those on the new HRV. I remember seeing a spy shot of the civic hatch and the way the tail light leds were separated and positioned reminded me of the HRV.
  9. The "Should there be an Si hatch" Poll

    Seems they sell all the type R models they make, i.e. demand intentionally exceeds supply (more value as a halo car than it is for sales volume), so I don’t think they’re worried about Si sales hurting type R sales. If they can make the Si more appealing to a broader audience, i.e. by using a...
  10. 2022 Civic Si Test Mules Spotted Testing With Current Si Sedan

    Better chance of the new Acura compact sedan getting the 2.0 turbo than the Si. That would put the Si too close to the CTR. A slightly detuned 2.0T in a new RSX type S sedan with an upscale interior is a real possibility given the MDX and TLX type S variants. I’d happily over pay for that...
  11. Si equipment

    The 10th gen Si always impressed me with the bang 4 buck you get. LED headlights, heat seats all around, sport front seats, sunroof, built in garmin nav, adjustable dampers, wireless charger, etc. What Id like to see on the 11th: Bose stereo (current one rattles ridiculously), wireless...
  12. The "Should there be an Si hatch" Poll

    I wish they would, and think they should, have an Si hatch but everything I’ve read on the subject makes me fairly sure they’re not doing it. I was really hoping that moving hatch production to NA, where the Si trim hails from, would mean the time has come for an Si hatch. It was unsurprising...