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Search results

  1. More looks at accessories for 2022 Civic Hatchback

    When you look at the spoiler from the back straight on it is too small. I am not one of those people that want to put a 747 wing on my car but at least make it as wide as the hatch.
  2. Video: Honda designers explain the new Civic hatchback

    I haven't watched it but did he explain where I can put my Febreze car air-freshener?
  3. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    To me it looks like the old Chevy Citation or Cavalier hatch which I am not exited to see return. Please god don't make a two-tone option. Better than the sedan. It may look quite a bit better with a spoiler and some stuff underneath.
  4. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    On both this and the sedan I think that a good body kit with ground effects to lengthen it out and give it some lines will make it look nice and aggressive but stock it is entirely unappealing. To be honest I don't get it. I like the design of the 10th gen quite a bit over the Elantra but going...