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Search results

  1. My 2022 Civic w/ HPD Package

    The build is finally available on the Canadian website. touring + blue ($300CAD) + HPD ($1443CAD) + Quebec tax = $38935 CAD for a civic... oh yeah you pay for color now. At this price I would not even consider Civic, 2021 Accord SE is like 39k tax in.
  2. Is it really worth it to step up to the Touring?

    Didn't read the replies yet. But to me touring model is not worth it. If my budget goes to that level, I might as well step into the accord.
  3. More looks at accessories for 2022 Civic Hatchback

    I somehow feel like it's trying to find things to compliment, (i mean no disrespect to people who actually like it! it's very subjective) I find it feels very out of place. Sideview of it looks pretty good to be honest adds flare to the otherwise boring lines. but any other angles...I don't...
  4. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    is no one gonna talk about the tiger posing in front of the car?
  5. Will there be 11th Gen MTs?

    but if the sales numbers aren't great with the corolla manuals, Honda may not feel the need to satisfy the manual market anyway. that being said even though for my daily commute i much prefer a non-manual car (living in Montreal Quebec, the traffic on the 15 is just nerve wrecking during rush...