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  1. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    So I tried several combinations of setting the USB mode to ADB mode, and also going into General Settings > System > Developer Options > Developer Option and enabling USB debugging. However no matter what I tried, my computer would not connect to the head unit. I also noticed that the ADB mode...
  2. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    The other important thing I mentioned: lack of a browser period. If you navigate to General Settings > System > Developer Options > Developer Option > Inactive Apps, it shows a listing of all the apps (presumably) and notably missing in the list is any reference to Browser, Chrome, Firefox. The...
  3. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    Here are some screenshots and methods to access the two hidden screens I have found: First Hidden Screen (Diagnosis Menu): Similar to what was used on the 10th Gens: hold HOME + POWER + BACK: That brings you to a screen that looks like this: From this screen (or from the Detailed...
  4. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    Hey all, I am still learning more about the civic world since getting my car last week. I was looking into something called Honda Hack that is possible on the 10th Gen Civics. I did some research and it appears the exploit worked by: accessing a hidden menu disabling android restriction...
  5. 11th Gen Civic Paint Color Codes

    Good news! I found out that Honda names the car image files on their website after the paint code. So I just clicked on each of the colors and monitored the network requests and got them all! Table filled!
  6. 11th Gen Civic Paint Color Codes

    Are these 11th gen colors or older ones? I pulled the list straight from the website and do not see either of those colors listed: https://automobiles.honda.com/civic-sedan#colors No colors yet listed for the 11th gen hatchback either: https://automobiles.honda.com/future-cars/2022-civic-hatchback
  7. 11th Gen Civic Paint Color Codes

    I like it! I never had a 10th gen, but looking from prior paint codes it does seem to have superseded that color.
  8. How do you control the digital cluster?

    The blue knob controls the left side of the cluster (in the RPM Gauge, shows current music) the green knob controls the right side of the cluster (navigation, trip mileage, passenger seatbelts, warning messages)
  9. 11th Gen Civic Paint Color Codes

    2022 Civic Sedan Lineup Colors & Availability: Color Name Color Code LX EX Sport Touring Rallye Red R-513 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Aegean Blue Metallic B-593M ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Crystal Black Pearl NH-731P ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Lunar Silver Metallic NH-830M ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Meteorite Gray Metallic NH-904M ✓ ✓...
  10. First 2022 Civic in State Farms Database

    I have Root Insurance and mine is Just 2022. Make and Model are blank so I wrote them in with a pen lol
  11. 2022 Civic: Extreme Lag on Entertainment System at Start

    Hey all, I wanted to share a video of some extreme sluggishness I am getting on the infotainment system when I start my car some mornings. It is not every time, but it has happened 3/5 days that I have had my car. I am using wireless CarPlay, but I have noticed before that if you can get to the...
  12. Some rear end comparisons

    I actually was looking into the Volkswagen Jetta at first because I liked the design. But I wanted the reliability of the civic and the redesign definitely fit my tastes, albeit it is no longer unique anymore.
  13. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    Thanks! what other functions/features would a hatch touring have over the sedan touring?
  14. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    I haven’t driven a 10th Gen, and not in the dead of night yet but they definitely look super bright from what I’ve seen at dawn and dusk. I can see the turn signals reflecting off all the signs and stuff too lol
  15. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    Gotcha! Yeah I did have a lot of fun in my 6Spd mustang for sure, but I definitely love the space and tech in the new Civic! I've never driven a CVT before either, it's pretty seamless in shifts.
  16. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    Thanks! I had a civic as my first car almost a decade ago, but I'm not really familiar with the Honda world, I was always more obsessed with Mustangs. I have a daughter who turns 10mo old tomorrow and it was frustrating at the lack of space in the back of the mustang. I remember my first civic...
  17. Over the air software OTA upgrades?

    Good luck! There were no tourings in my area. I was monitoring the website and found one "In Transit", gave the dealer a call and literally bought it right off the truck when it arrived (2 miles on odometer!). It seems very hard to come by around here. I was very happy the one in transit was in...
  18. Is it really worth it to step up to the Touring?

    I came from a 2015 Mustang GT Premium, traded in 2 days ago. I went for touring because it matched all the same tech I had in my 7 year old car and then gave me a few extras like wireless carplay and wireless charging, and more safety features like lane keep assist, auto-lock, adaptive cruise. I...
  19. Infotainment System runs Android v8.1.0

    While I was trying to troubleshoot an intense lag issue when the car starts up, I found the infotainment system is running Android v8.1.0 (a 4 year old OS) Tapping Build Number 10 times unlocks Developer Mode just like on Android phones and gives you other information like RAM usage. This...
  20. Over the air software OTA upgrades?

    It appears that it will, My 2022 is Up to date from factory but when you tap it, it checks for an OTA and also gives a button for update via USB.