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  1. My 2022 Civic w/ HPD Package

    I agree in terms of the HPD badge. It’s not that nice. Better not to put it.
  2. My 2022 Civic w/ HPD Package

    I‘m guessing the SI will look pretty close to how this looks.
  3. 2022 Civic Hatchback and Civic Si On-Sale Dates Confirmed by Honda Marketing Roadmap

    Is this release date timelines or redesign timelines? I would love to know when a redesigned Accord may be coming.
  4. Honda Canada Civic Build Tool

  5. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

  6. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    Weird how they would go with fake exhaust tips when it looks like every other trim won"t have them. They did the same thing to the Accord Sport. Killed the look from the back.
  7. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    It really does look like the Stinger from behind.
  8. First Look @ 2022 Civic Touring With Tips, Tricks and 0-60

    0-60 from my stopwatch looks like it’s almost a full 9 seconds.
  9. 2022 Civic Sedan Now Live on Honda Canada. With Full Specs [PDF]

    Honda.ca site shows configurations for new models. Website: https://www.honda.ca/civic_sedan/trims Specs PDF: https://www.honda.ca/Content/honda.ca/856ec8c1-eded-4eee-9457-9f87904edc91/ModelPage_Downloads/03F_my22_civic_sedan_download_pdf_specs_eng.pdf