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Search results

  1. Insane market value adjustments everywhere

    Canadian laws prevent dealerships selling above MSRP in Canada for a vehicle sold as new.
  2. 11th gen on Spoon SW388’s

    Nice wheels Thing I don’t agree with is the red H on a “non-type R” Otherwise nice man
  3. Coilover Availability for 2022

    The car just came out dude. gotta wait a bit for those parts
  4. NSX Type S confirmed

    This looks even better! https://www.motortrend.com/news/acura-integra-returns-2022-preview/
  5. New Accessories for Japan-Spec 2022 Civic Hatch Revealed

    I really wished Honda kept the “Honeycomb” grill effect going on the lower air dam as well. It really looks off-set with the two very different and contrasting grill designs. Maybe if the honeycomb was smaller and also on the lower grill as well it would be better. I can’t get over that….
  6. Mugen 2022 Civic Hatchback (11th Gen) First Looks!!

    I am not sold on it, not going to be a downer or hater but just saying it doesn’t really look “streamlined”. The 11th gen has this smooth natural flow to it and unfortunately Mugen as found a way to make it look a little “slapped together” with their parts. I would just wait for the Type R...
  7. Honda Faceoff! 2022 Honda Civic vs 2021 Honda Accord

    I would take the Accord over the civic - no question
  8. Which color is best?

    The best Colour is the one you like the best. That’s the only way to answer that question. Otherwise there would be only 1 colour Honda would offer. The “best” one