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  1. TSB 21-063: 9” Center Display Buzz or Ticking Sound (2022 Civic Touring)

    Interesting. It doesn't look like a super hard job to take everything apart. Not sure why the front grill vent need to be taken out too. Hopefully that part is easy and causing no damage in the process since it is the aesthetic part of the dashboard. Glad to know this since I may need to take...
  2. Official: 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Revealed! Specs, Info, Pics & Video

    Well that is because it is not on the lots yet? Yesterday, I went to see my local dealer in Canada to put my order down so that I can get my boost blue. To my surprise the manager said the car won't be in production yet until October and I will be able to see my car(the first one to appear...
  3. 2017 LX remote/key suddenly haywire

    Hard to say but since the new key work just fine that would mean your old key is having a problem. If I were you I would try to take this thing a part and clean it before putting it back together(if you know how). Sometime thing can get stuck in there or the old one just gone bad.
  4. No “audio off” command on 2022 Touring

    Wouldn't just turn the volume down accomplice the similar thing. That is what I always do. I mean you press a button and wait for the voice command to active and then have to speak to it and wait for it to acknowledge your command. IMO, that takes too long to get thing done. While I drive I...
  5. No “audio off” command on 2022 Touring

    I understand where you are coming from but you are asking people at a dealer to fix a software level problem by themselves? Also, adding a simple voice command is simple but the process to get it done is NOT. First you will need a meeting to discuss about the issue and then getting someone to...
  6. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    I guess getting boost blue for the hatch is going to be even more pain.