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  1. Honda Confirms 2022 Civic Si Will Be Sedan Only

    Honda usually keeps the trims on a low to keep its residuals up. Hence why used Si’s and Type R’s hold value so well.
  2. 2022 Civic Type R Spied in Best Looks Yet! 📸

    Now we’re talking, looks like a touring car for the road. Can’t wait to see how crazy the engineers go with this generation.
  3. 11th gen Civic Si spotted by TFLcar

    Damn. I guess the money for bespoke bumpers for the Si went to electrification Lol. No doubt it'll be an objectively better car overall, but with an extra 100 plus pounds with the same 1.5 liter, any increase in accelaration will be neglible at best. So far I'm disappointed.
  4. 2022 Civic Hatchback Digitally Revealed!

    Looks sharp, much more so than the sedan imo. Happy to finally see black window trim from the factory.
  5. 2022 Civic Sedan First Official Image! Specs and Info Coming April 28

    True, but you can see how the gap widens as the lines move toward the top of the hood. It's a small but perceptible difference. The rake on the 11th gen is similar to the 3 Series, but it works on the BMW because of how long it's dash-to-axle ratio is. It doesn't help that on the 11th gen it...
  6. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    Interior is a big step up. 10th gens cabin is more driver-focused but 11th gen just looks like a nicer place to be in. Love how thin the a-pillars are and the relocation of the mirrors. The Si's been at 200 hp since people were on Myspace. Hopefully they give it the K20 it deserves with the Type...
  7. 2022 Civic Sedan First Official Image! Specs and Info Coming April 28

    Ever since someone here mentioned how much more upright the windshield is versus the 10th gen, I can't unsee it. This is the awkwardness that comes with trying to make a fwd car look rwd. The body surfacing is much improved though and I still think it will look best in class. But I also feel...
  8. First spy pics of 2022 Civic Hatchback!

    I see I'm in the minority, but I love sportbacks so I'm excited for this. The rear overhang looks shorter than the sedan and it looks like It'll have full-length taillamps. Fingers crossed for it having the integrated spoiler as well. Hopefully it looks more Audi than Hyundai.
  9. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    Definitely more subdued and less youthful, but looks much more upscale. They played it safe because they've been getting flamed over the past five years over how busy the styling of the 10th gen is. Happy that the car is no larger and hopefully weight doesn't increase much. Patiently waiting for...
  10. Here's what the next-gen 2022-2023 Civic Type R will look like

    The render of the car on track looks eerily real. Love how the aero bits finally flow with the body. Hopefully Mugen fixes the taillights.
  11. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    It looks French? Like one of those Citroens from the 80s, but I like it. Some may say boring but I think it’s a more sophisticated design. The character line that stretches from below the hood to the taillight looks sharp. The larger third window, the line that flows from the window trim to the...

    Lol, that's an expensive tax for some A badges

    Another observation are the headlights. They have the Honda style LEDs and not the Jewel Eye design from Acura. Also the car is testing in Europe, where the last Type Rs were developed before production and where Acura doesn't exist. As far as it being AWD, I can't tell, but that seems like the...

    99% sure It's not an Accord Type R. Honda have already said they don't want to dilute the Type R name. Also, the Accord isn't sold in the UK, Europe, or Japan, and I believe those are biggest markets for the Type R outside of North America. It's also not an Acura. On some spy shots you can see...
  15. New Performance Grille for 10th Gen Civics

    May I have the promo code??